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How to choose the right Association LMS for Training?

Associations are the best place for members to share their input, gain knowledge from peers, and add value to their roles and deeds. Associations are The best place for member engagement, Connecting with people with similar interests, Continuing Education, Earning CE credits and valuable certifications within the industry. All organizations and associations that want to have streamlined learning opt for a Learning Management System- LMS. There are a number of LMSes in the market that associations can opt for as per their requirements and needs. But choosing the right LMS to save you time and money is extremely important while making an LMS selection. Most of the associations already use an AMS for their functional management. Therefore, an LMS with the most robust integrating ability with AMS and provides the right features will make the best choice for Associations

What is an association LMS?

Association Learning Management System is a platform to engage members, add value to them, and create a great learning and knowledge-sharing community. In addition, it is a platform that manages and streamlines all functions related to the association’s learning and training programs. In recent times, learning management systems have found great relevance in every industry in streamlining and bringing flexibility in their external and internal training programs through eLearning. It has made learning highly accessible for learners and administrators. An LMS provides an easy-to-use interface, robust features, and integrations `that make it an all-in-one platform. In the case of Associations, LMS is crucial since it allows members to continue their education and earn CE credits that add value to their career in their fields. The LMS also provides certifications that could further improve opportunities for learners.

So, let us first get to the basics to choose the right LMS:

Having listed down the questions, let us get to each one by one to understand how an LMS is essential for Associations & their members to streamline their learning and training needs.

  • What are the features an association LMS should have?
  • What are the benefits of integrating your LMS with AMS?
  • What are the factors that go into choosing the right LMS?
  • What is the best association learning management system?

What are the features an association LMS should have?

User Interface

The LMS interface should have an easy-to-use interface that is clutter-free and easy to grasp and get started. The integrations should be smooth, and it should be easy for a user to navigate within the LMS swiftly without any time lag. An easy user interface encourages members to keep up with their learning and continue education in their respective fields with ease and flexibility.

Easy Content
Authoring & SCORM Compliance

Having a course authoring tool within the LMS makes content authoring quick and convenient. Content development makes the system extremely user-friendly as associations can create content as per the education programs and upload it within minutes. This feature also helps in building interactive courses that are SCORM-compliant.

Course Creation

With content authoring, on-the-go course creation can be done promptly as per requirement. Create and deliver courses all from one place. It may first seem overwhelming, but you can just drag and drop content and create engaging courses for your members and widen your community, gaining good credibility for the association services you provide.

with Engagement

You can ensure member retention and renewals only when you have deep member engagement programs. While attracting new members, keeping the existing ones is a less costly affair and more profitable. Methods to boost member engagement can include webinars, QnA, LXP, learning paths and much more.


Mobile learning is the most viable learning method for members of associations with their work schedules and commitments. Having a mobile responsive LMS improves the speed of learning, course completion, earning credits, and certification because of easy access to courses online and everything available at your fingertips.


Integrations help to provide an easy interface and smooth navigation with easy data sharing and migration between software and applications. Tight integrations make the LMS functioning easy and improve performance. LMSes having multiple integrations help realize the full capabilities of the LMS and also meet the goal of providing immersive learning.

CE Credits
& Certifications

Continuing Education is one of the most important aspects for members of associations. Taking up courses and earning CE credits and certifications helps members progress in their careers in their respective fields. The data from LMS after course completion passes on to the AMS that maintains records.

& Tracking

The LMS reports provide information on a member’s progress in course completion, earning CE credits and tracking their performance. Based on LMS reports, recommendations can be made to decide the courses the learner needs to take their learning and certification to the next level.

and Online Payment

Having eCommerce within your LMS makes membership information management and payment management extremely easy. The user registration details, course enrollment and payment status readily show up in the LMS, and members can immediately start with their learning journey. An inbuilt eCommerce features makes the process less complicated.

What are the benefits of integrating your LMS with AMS?

When your AMS is paired with the right LMS, it can become the chief source for your association’s success. But learning with eLearning courses, reports, and tracking is missing in an AMS that can make the work of associations more centralized and accessible.
But before that, knowing the features that can club with your AMS to become an all-in-one system is crucial before making an LMS choice. Before knowing the factors that go into choosing the right LMS, let us first understand the benefits of integrating your AMS/ CRM with an LMS-

  • The AMS involves functions like membership management, event management and eCommerce and provides data to the LMS based on user record, membership status, event synchronization, course enrollment records and the like.
  • The data shared by the AMS acts as input for LMS that uses user data from the start of courses to completion. Course records like grades, event records and much more data flow back to the AMS, making it a completely integrated system.
  • Also, the right LMS will automate repetitive administrative tasks.
  • A good LMS will allow you to create innovative and engaging content involving video, animations, etc. to have an impactful learning experience with your education programs.
  • The LMS report generation, notifications, and automation should self-support members in their learning journey.
  • Integrating the right LMS with your AMS reduces the load on administration and makes it easier to scale your organization as per increasing needs.

What factors go into choosing the right LMS for associations?


The right LMS for your association is the one that adapts to your growing needs. As members grow, the LMS should also be able to scale and cater to maximum memberships as required and provide member engagement, share points, and a large community that is scalable without compromising on the LMS functionality in terms of speed, quality etc.

Never Failing Technology

The right LMS will have robust functions and technology that offers uninterrupted learning and management to associations and members. An unfailing technology and systems are very important to maintain member trust and retention and the best LMS unfailingly provides unfailing technology.

Ability to Self-create content

Self-creation of content or content authoring gives you the power to decide your course content and create courses on the go. An authoring tool embedded in the LMS makes content development convenient and swift, increasing your eCommerce abilities and keeping your members continuously engaged.

Tightly integrated software & applications

The LMS should provide 100+ integrations of software and applications tightly tied to the platform with the Single Sign-On feature. The integrations should provide smooth data transfer between systems and feel like working on one platform without having to manage many.


The LMS that is packed with features and provides the right features as per your requirement will prove to be the most cost-effective LMS solution. Also, the LMS should provide easy integration with your existing systems like an AMS or CRM and must be easy and swift in sharing and receiving data between different systems.

Easy tracking of reports & data

An LMS empowered with analytics and reports makes it easy for administrators to understand the relevancy of courses provided to members and how associations can improve to have better engagement and build a stronger community. Tracking can also provide inputs to understand if any course changes are required to be made.

Interactive Courses for member engagement

Having interactive courses is crucial to have an incredible learning experience. You can either go with an authoring tool embedded or integrated with the LMS for custom content or use off-the-shelf courses preloaded in the LMS for continuous member engagement.

Strong eCommerce Capabilities

The LMS should provide opportunities for course selling and online payment options and be a valuable revenue generation source. The features should help in cost reduction strategies like having an inbuilt authoring tool instead of investing in a course authoring tool externally. This would lessen delivery time and bring more value to the organization.

What is the best association learning management system?

Paradiso Learning Management System is the right solution that integrates with your AMS or CRM and gives access to its powerful features to scale your association memberships, while retaining the existing ones with ease, flexibility and efficiency.

Paradiso has empowered associations with its LMS in building robust learning and education programs and the right set of features that your organization needs to scale and grow. Instead of burdening your

AMS, a cost-effective LMS like Paradiso can help meet your goals in a budget-friendly manner. With Paradiso LMS, you can have an inbuilt authoring tool and the best integrations to achieve your service goals. We can help you find out how you can get the most out of your AMS-LMS integration.

If you are looking for a user-friendly LMS that provides course authoring, robust technology, integrating capabilities, great adaptability to growing needs, and cost-effectiveness, feel free to reach out to the US. For more information, visit us at Paradiso Solutions or email us at [email protected] .

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