How to Increase adoption for elearning platform

How to increase adoption of your eLearning platform?

The more active users you can get into the LMS platform, the more you will get out of your desired LMS investment. Our experience working with hundreds of clients have taught us some effective and easy ways to increase student engagement and to keep them motivated to achieve training goals.

The value of the LMS can never be fully realized unless educators are provided with the necessary tools, training, and support to leverage its full potential, in a manner that facilitates the way they want to teach. In this post we are going to share with you some good ways that will help you increase student engagement through elearning platforms: 

1. Ease of Access using SSO

Instead of sending students or users to LMS, bring the LMS to users. The easiest way to do it is by having a Single Sign On (SSO) button in the platforms your users normally use. For example, if you have a portal, HR system or CRM, then add a button called “Training” where your users can click on and be sent automatically to the LMS without having to login again. 

2. Improving communication frequency (email notifications)

Everyone is busy at work and it’s easy to forget about training. As a Learning Management System administrator, you can set up following email notifications so that students are kept in touch with the LMS. Here is how we recommend to do it:

1. Inactive User: If a user does not login for X days, send them a nudge.

2. Course Incomplete: If a user leaves a course incomplete for more than X days, send them a reminder. 

3. Course overdue: If the user has not completed a course by due date, send them the notification. 

4. New course added: Send update to students about changes in LMS such as addition of new course or learning path. 

5. Advance training: Send email blast to users who have completed the basic level of courses to encourage them to take advance level of courses.

3. Social Informal Learning

Complete a classroom or self paced training is just one of the many ways people learn new things. In the actual age of social learning, 70% of learning happens outside of formal learning. It happens informally through on the job training, youtube videos, discussing issues, in the hallway with colleagues, etc. 

That’s why one of the ways to increase user engagement in LMS system is to allow students to interact with each other via discussion forums or blogs. Using discussion forums students can talk about topics related to training before, after and during the training courses. Some companies are also using user generated blogs to improve sharing of knowledge and student engagement.

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4. Make use of integrated learning solutions

To increase the adoption of elearning platform, focus on building a one-stop shop approach. This can only be done when you offer an integrated learning solution. Incorporating integration with several systems within an institution tends to help users in learning several systems while performing their everyday tasks. With this, you can make the learner’s training and learning experience more efficient and also save their time. 

5. Implement VR technology through your elearning platform

VR technology can be adapted to any theme or subject, assuring endless possibilities with LMS. It allows first-person experiences by removing the interface that acts as a boundary between the participant and the computer. It allows users to actually practice their courses in realistic virtual scenarios. When users exercise in VR or simulations, they can apply different business related scenarios. They can practice delivering a presentation at a press conference, giving feedback to a colleague, leading a meeting, and much more.

6. Result- oriented Assessments

Many online elearning platforms lack result-oriented assessments resulting in poor scores of students. Further they would have to repeat the course altogether and go through the same curriculum which becomes a recursive process. In order to avoid such things, opting lms for training can be an apt solution. Learners can have result- oriented assessment of their courses and can have a positive impact on learners training by helping students analyze the fields where students were not able to score. These assessments offer them simple learning programs related to those fields followed by tests to help them do better.

Henceforth, online learning has exponentially increased in popularity the increase in the wealth of online resources facilitates greater course diversity and flexibility for training and certifications through lms. E-learning has long been recognised as offering considerable advantages over conventional classroom-based training and is continuing to cater greater audiences. Lastly, when it comes to training employees and management quickly, efficiently and conveniently, adopting to elearning platform is the best solution.

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