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7 Simple Steps to Implement your New Training Program

People from the e-learning fraternity often ask me–
we know we need solid training programs, but how do we get started?”

Here is my answer — 7 Simple Steps to Implement your New Training Program

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1. Assess your Needs
No matter what kind of training program you are starting, whether it’s a channel partner training, a customer training, employee training, you need to send a survey out to actually assess what are the training gaps. Whether the gap is related to certain product, features or processes or whatever. Probably, you’ll send out the survey to 500 channel partners and only 50 will reply, but you’ll get a sense of what are the gaps in terms of training.

2. Plan the Courses
Next, based on the assessment you would plan how many courses you need to create, what kind of courses you need to create and whether you need programs. It is basically like a curriculum in your college, which is basically a set of courses which will help you create a certification program for your partners, your customers or your consultants.

3. Get an LMS
Now, you’ll need an LMS for your training program. An LMS is basically learning management system that holds all your courses together. It helps you run reports. It helps you register/unregister your learners. It helps you to build a knowledge base. And there are many other features including assessment and feedback etc. So to say, for a training program to be effective, you’ll need an LMS. You can’t just put your videos on some website and call it a training program. You need a learning management system such as Paradiso LMS.

4. Create Content
You can either use your in-house subject matter experts, or hire an instructional designer or outsource the content creation part to companies such as Paradiso Solutions, to create dynamic, engaging, animated even sometimes gamified courses for your training needs.

5. Deploy your Content
Once you have the content ready, then you can apply/deploy that content into the LMS and go live with your training platform.

6. Over Communicate
The next thing, which is the most important step here is that you need to over-communicate, and only then the learners will come in. It doesn’t happen that you build your LMS, build your e-learning training platform and then just sit and wait for the learners to come. You need to over-communicate. Use any opportunity to reach out to your potential learners. Send out emails, newsletter about training topics / new courses you are creating, use your company meetings or customer success program meetings to talk about this. So, unless you over communicate, you are not going to get enough enrollments into your training programs. It is a very essential step to communicate and get people enrolled into those courses.

7. Measure and Improve
Lastly, measure and improve! So, it’s a continuous cycle of assessing the needs, improving the content, improving the system and continuing the training programs every six months or a year, Stop and think what’s working what’s not working. Improve the system and get to the next level.

That’s how you get started with your training program and go on to make it a success.

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