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learning paths in Moodle

Live Webinar: Learning Paths in Moodle

When you are creating a training program you have to make sure that the learners complete the necessary courses and activities to achieve a specific knowledge or develop some skills. Becomes very important for you, your company or institution to create the right learning paths in your LMS to guide your students and control the completion of the training activities/modules in the sequence that you design.

A learning path is a sequence or a structure that contains multiple courses and activities that help your employees or students to get the right knowledge, in the right order and without wasting time. The learning paths could include intermediate quizzes, videos, presentations, assignments, and text. Anything that your learners need to complete before passing to the next course or activity.

You can upload any number of learning assets and categorize them. With that categorization, you can order, control learners’ completion with mandatory activities or courses and also set a time duration for each of them.

In a learning path, you don’t need only mandatory activities, you can also have many optional courses, which can include presentations, videos, and PDFs, where a learner can get more materials to gain in-depth knowledge on the subject if they have the time.

You are maybe asking yourself how you could set the Learning paths in Moodle or in your LMS. We want to give you the answer and help you go through it.  In our Live webinar “Learning Paths in Moodle”, on July 31st at 1:00 pm EST, we will have space to clear all the questions about this topic.

What could you learn from this webinar?

  • What’s the importance of Learning Path Usage?
  • How to create a Learning Path in your LMS?
  • How to prepare the courses for the learning paths?
  • Learning paths use case scenarios.


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