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Accredit your employees with Paradiso LMS certification services

Any learning process that ends successfully must be accompanied by a proper certification that validates that you finish the course. The world of eLearning is not different, at the end of a virtual course you should get your LMS certificate.

When people embark on a learning path, they set some goals to reach, especially to acquire an ability or extra knowledge to advance in their professional careers or their personal goals. These learning processes must be carried out under the legal terms and conditions that support virtual education as in-person education does.

If you’re planning to create your courses for students or employees you must ensure that you count the respective documentation and approvals to give them a validated certification once they finish the program. Those approvals would depend on the area and industry that you’re based on.

A complete LMS should bring you the opportunity to create personalize certifications, with enough information, to give the users the confidence to receive the validation for completing a course, training or learning program.

Paradiso LMS certification service works at the course level. When a user finishes a course, with all the assessments and activities, the proper certification is issued to validate the successful completion of the process.

This type of recognition is not only designed to encourage learning or provide a record. The certificate feature is very useful for example, in compliance training for your company. With a valid certificate, the knowledge and skills that your employees acquired during a successful training process will be recognized for the legal statements. In this case, specifically, the certificate is mandatory, essentially for legal purposes.

With the certification service of Paradiso LMS, you can get the multiple functionalities that have to do with accreditation in different states. A certification can be used, for example, in the area of health or products to verify that a training process was carried out.

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With the certification feature you can get accreditation in any course you take. This represents a great advantage for both employees and employers, allowing them to create a fully customizable certificate for each course and that this serves to make it valid in any field that has taken it.

You can use the certification services to carry out the accreditation of evaluations made by official institutions. A clear example can be seen in the certification examinations of a language or in high-tech industries.

In some areas, specialized knowledge acquires a high value and is appreciated professionally and economically. For these cases, certified accreditations of the knowledge that the person has acquired are requested and that is where the Paradiso LMS certification services charge real importance.

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