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An HRIS – or Human Resources Information System – is the software that is used to manage and automate, employee training, HR processes, payroll and accounting.

A good HRIS system allows an organization to plan, control and manage HR costs, carry out detailed reporting and effectively recruit new staff.

Paradiso LMS can be integrated with your HRIS, meaning data is automatically synced between the two platforms.

LMS HRIS Integration features

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Integrate with any of the big HRIS platforms

We offer LMS integrations with the best-known HRIS platforms out there, such as SAP, Oracle Peoplesoft, BambooHR, Workday and Halogen, among many others.

Ensure all the right data is synced across platforms

Important employee data – such as department, title, location, salary etc. – is kept up to date across your LMS and HRIS.

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Sync HRIS data

Sync HRIS data to your LMS

When a new employee is added to the HRIS, a profile is automatically created for them in the LMS their relevant data is imported.

Sync LMS data to your HRIS

If your employees need to pass critical compliance tests, and these tests are taken in your LMS, then it is highly important that this HR data is kept up to date in your HRIS. Our integration does just this.

Sync LMS data to your HRIS
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SSO (Single Sign On) Between LMS and HRIS

We No need to enter two sets of login details to access both systems. With SSO you enter with just one ID to either, and the other is easily accessible via a tab on the dashboard.

Sync Organizational Hierarchies

If your business has a complicated hierarchy structure, then this can be shared with and replicated in the LMS.

Sync Organizational Hierarchies
Create Detailed Reports

Create Detailed Reports

Use data across both platforms to retrieve complex reports based on a number of metrics. Data can be used for internal performance management or for recruitment purposes.

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