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Thank you for attending our webinar on LMS Ecommerce

Thank you for attending our webinar on LMS Ecommerce held on Tuesday, 7th, November, 2017. As usual, we had registrations as well as attendance pouring in huge numbers. This is the third time we had conducted a webinar and every time we get to experience love from people wanting to register in massive amounts. This time, we made sure the last minute registrants were handled properly. In case you attended our previous webinars on LMS ecommerce you’d have known how we were put off track by the last minute registrations, just before the webinar started.

Our presenters talked about the numerous applications and exciting benefits of incorporating LMS for Ecommerce. Let us give you a quick summary of our webinar.

Overview: eCommerce for eLearning:

  • In eCommerce for eLearning, there is no physical product to ship.
  • Courses are delivered via Paradiso LMS which operates in the cloud.
  • Learners can log in and start studying as soon as they have paid and are given their login credentials to the Learning Management System.

Benefits of LMS ecommerce :

  • Increased revenue through selling courses online
  • Sell eLearning courses, webinars and events
  • Improve overall customer experience
  • Manage your LMS, CMS and eCommerce all from one place
  • Intuitive user-friendly design for both admin and users
  • Easy to Use

Missed the webinar for some reason? No worries, here is the webinar video and slides for your convenience!

Akrati Srivastava

Akrati is a Digital Marketing Specialist by Profession and has an experience of almost 4 years in the said field. She is an avid learner and loves writing blogs on topics of her interest. Akrati holds a bachelor's degree in computer technology.

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