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Get your LMS Report done in 2 simple steps with Paradiso LMS reporting feature

Getting your LMS report never was this easy. Paradiso LMS is the easiest platform to use in eLearning either for education or corporate training. Its multiple integrations and great features make our platform the best choice to implement and run your courses.

With the help of the LMS report, you will be able to keep control of every aspect of the eLearning process, all the movements inside the platform will have its specific report.

The best part of this is that is completely customizable, you can make your own report by choosing the categories and the data you want to get reported and download your LMS report to watch in excel format. Plus, its setting up and implementation y super easy!

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Paradiso LMS report implementation, setting up and download

  1. Easy implementation and setting up of eLearning report


To create a report with all the information you want to include, you can follow the next steps.

From your home page, you can click on the left menu on the Report button; or you can click from the left menu the Report icon:

Clicking in either of the previous options will take you to a new page where you can click on Add Report to begin.

As you can see, the Report Creation Wizard is divided into three stages:


Here, is where you will fill in the basic information for your report:

  • Name: type in the name you want for your report.
  • Category: in the drop-down menu, you will find the different categories in which you can place your report in.
  • A number of records per page: you can choose the number of records per page you want in your report from 1 to 100.
  • SQL Report: enabling this option will allow you to have the report in SQL code. This option is for advanced users as it requires code knowledge.
  • Enable generate report button: if you want your report to have the option to be able to be downloaded as a CSV file, it is necessary to enable this option.
  • Show logged in user data:  enabling this option will include the logged in user information.


Here, you can choose the columns that you want to use in this report. To select them:

  • From the left side, choose the objects on each category that you want to add to your report.
  • Once you have them selected, you can click on the Add button for the selected ones to be moved to the right text field. You can also select them and drag them to the text field.
  • When you have them arranged in the order you want them to be shown in the report, click on Next button to continue.


Here you can choose which columns will be used as filters. To do so, click on the Add Filter button that you will find on the upper right corner. The next screen will pop up.

You can select the column to compare in your report. Once finished, click on Add and the filters will be added in your report. If you don’t want to add any filter, just click on Finish to visualize your report.

  1. How to watch your eLearning report

“Reports Views” allows the Admin / Managers to embed a report into a Widget. To do so, follow the next steps:

  1. From the Home page, enable the “Edit mode”.
  2. Click on the “Add Widget” icon.

3. Click on the Widget “Reports views”.

4. Once again, select the option “Configure Reports views block”

5. Select the name the widget is going to have.

6. Select the report you want to embed.

7. Finally, click on Save.

Improve your educational or training activities with specific insights data. Make of the eLearning experience and an even successful process by getting detailed and tailored LMS reports not only about your trainees or students, but also about important aspects of the platform and the whole LMS environment.

To acquire further information about Paradiso LMS, our advanced reports feature and its multiple possibilities, contact our sales team at [email protected]

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