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Build a stronger teaching program with Paradiso LMS for teaching English

The eLearning platforms have lots of features and tools that make them an ideal tool for language training. Using an LMS for teaching English as a second language is the best choice you can make when thinking of learning any language. You can easily build a pleasant, friendly and technological environment.

An LMS or an online course is a software that lets the students eenroll in eLearning English courses and take them at their free time, in just one login to our LMS platform. An LMS that is mobile responsive, could let the students take their courses from any device they have. This feature is something that you have to keep in mind in case you’re looking for an LMS for teaching English.

Is important to take in count that the LMS that you choose must allow your users to learn via social media and from other tools like videos, billboards, news, blogs, forums, chats and other multimedia tools. With this, you could mix informal and formal training in one place.

When you think of a top LMS for teaching English, it has to be mobile compatible and has to let your users access from tablets, smartphones and all other types of mobile devices, among other features.

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Why Paradiso LMS for Teaching English?

  • With a Learner Management Software, your students can take their English courses anytime, anywhere.
  • You would be able to optimize time and resources.
  • Upgrade your users’ knowledge and help them grow to the next level with personalized daily learning.
  • Flexibility in learning and teaching hours.
  • Keep the eLearning process tracked through online and robust reports.
  • Recognize successful completion of training or course by the way of awarding certificates.
  • An environment that is conducive to higher learning.
  • Mobile, social and blended learning solutions.
  • Paradiso Learner Management System could be integrated with 100+ integrations, such as CRM platforms, CSM, eCommerce, web conferencing, collaboration, sharing and storage tools, among others, allowing you to manage all the information in the same place.
  • It is a learning management system which not only has the courses translated into the language of a particular location but has adapted its interface to be more suitable to the users of that particular region.
  • Ideally, a multi-language LMS should give the users the freedom to choose their language (which includes the content, the database, notifications, etc) as well as change the location, date & time settings to their region.
  • Using a multi-language LMS is beneficial to the company, particularly one that has a global workforce, as it helps to bridge communication gaps and eliminate language barriers, ensuring that the entire company is working as one global unit, with all the employees standing on an equal level.

You can find a lot of eLearning platforms option in the eLearning industry. Not all the eLearning software solutions are perfect for your goals. If you are looking for an LMS for teaching English, you must have these features in mind:

You have to be sure that the platform is fully customized, according to your own plan, course or training program. Also, the software must have an easy to use, a simple and very friendly interface for the users and teachers.

Also, you need to check if the LMS offers different integrations, like CRM and e-commerce integrations, letting you get a very functional platform where you could easily strengthen the relationship with your students and even sell the courses in the same platform.

Another great advantage of the LMS for teaching English as a second language is the gamification tool. With this option, your users can learn from a different angle, by playing different games while taking the courses. The games can be set up as activities with a grade at the end and may vary from “Who wants to be a millionaire”, “Hangman” and others.

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