LXP: Reimagining Employee Learning Experiences in Corporations

LXPs Provide Numerous Benefits to the Employees

The dedicated employees of the leading companies of today’s corporate world work religiously to steward their organization to the peak of success. They offer their services for an average of around 47 hours per week. Hence, it becomes challenging for them to arrange the time for learning throughout their busy schedules.

This is where Learning Experience Platform (LXP) comes into play. LXP is a tool which can be used by any company to personalize learning for their workforce, according to the requirements of each employee. It assists them with which course to opt, skills to learn, and domains to explore to advance in their career. In a matter of seconds, an employee can log into the LXP and determine what training to pursue that day.

LXP is a flexible, open-ended, on-demand system based on apps, which is quite similar to the ones employees use on a regular basis (such as music and video streaming services). LXPs provide additional benefits than any traditional LMS.

Benefits of LXPs: LXPs Provide Numerous Benefits to the Employees 

As a service platform, LXP plays an essential role in guiding organizations towards preparing effective learning modules.  Following are some of the perks of LXPs:

1. Ensuring Actionable Learning Recommendations

An LXP can employ machine learning and assemble personalized learning playlists as per each employee’s requirements. It offers different recommendations based on historical training data, quality of employee profile, and their interests. As a result, managers do not have to manually recommend courses for them.

2. Focusing on Individual Needs

Efficient employee training programs include a variety of media including online articles, podcasts, blog posts, videos, online courses, and so on. An LXP can assemble each of these types of media, while enabling the administrators to provide employees with further personalized training content. 

Different types of media in an employee training program make it suitable for a wide variety of learners, whether their learning style is visual, auditory, or kinetic.     

3. Offering a User-Friendly Interface

LXPs provide a personalized touch and are easy to navigate. When an employee signs in, an LXP personally greets them and provides the option to search through lessons, videos, and other learning content. Employees can also use the system to create their own playlist, consisting of internal and external customized content.

LXPs are also designed to track employee progress. It provides the information regarding which training is past due, or is due soon.

4. Easy Accessibility

It is a known fact that 69% of time spent on digital media accounts for mobile usage, while less than one-third of digital media time is spent on desktop usage. The popularity of mobile phones will continue to grow.

LXPs also come with mobile learning apps, which the employees can use anytime and anywhere, as per their convenience. They can complete their course after office at home, or during weekends, without any interruption. Employees can simply go to the app and start gathering information at an instant. 

5. Enabling Integration

LXP assists users to access multiple technologies through a single touch point. It allows companies to streamline training, offer, e-commerce, manage organizational and third-party content, and connect to business applications.

6. Social Interactivity

Nowadays, learning has become a part of work itself. To this end, it is vital that employees are provided with the opportunity to learn from people inside and outside of an organization. Here, LXPs play their part by including capabilities that empower users to collaborate, communicate, and connect with each other and with experts. It also possesses the ability to enhance employee engagement, team building, and social interactions.

7. Enhancing Data Analysis 

Business intelligence and analytics capabilities play a fundamental part in learning and development. They contribute in monitoring business metrics and make informed decisions that contribute in improving the learning procedures of any organization.    

Companies can use LXPs to gather many forms of data, including performance improvement indicators, cultural data, career and personal development, reports on business metrics, and many more.

8. Promoting Learning in the Flow of Work

An average employee does not get more than just 24 minutes a week for formal learning. This can act as a major hindrance in corporate learning. This problem can be solved by learning in the flow of work, which means, to learn working in a fast, flexible, and informal manner. It basically refers to the learning that simply happens in the moment.  

As per a LinkedIn survey, the basic challenge for developing the employees is to convince them to find more time for learning. This problem can be solved by an LXP, which promotes learning, as the work proceeds.

Learners can easily access the answers and micro learning content that meets their requirements and supports learning, while they accomplish their daily work targets. While learning on a daily basis, LXPs can increase the productivity of the employees, which will encourage them to continue growing. 

9. Gifting the Ability to Create 

LXP allows employees to produce content on the go. It is very important because the life of knowledge and skills is gradually decreasing, owing to which the speed for all learning processes needs to be increased.  

Accordingly, organizations should make sure that the LXPs should permit the workers to share and discover knowledge, innovate, communicate effectively, and organize content collected from multiple sources. 

10. Nurturing Contextualization

Contextualization refers to delivering the right content in the right format, so that it can help in learning, development, and performance enhancement at the right time. LXPs can leverage AI and contextualize content. For example, some LXP platforms analyze the users’ actions and use chatbots to provide content recommendations based on their actions. 

In this age of cut-throat competition, every company wants its employees to stand apart and thrive in their endeavors. Enhancing their skills will help them to perform better towards achieving the company’s objectives, while improving at the same time. Here, LXP platforms play an important part by guiding them towards self improvement and enhanced communication, while enhancing coordination, team work, and career advancement.

Presenting employees with the ability to customize and mobility in learning, LXPs are providing employees lasting learning experiences.

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