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Thanks for Attending our Moodle Gamification Webinar!

Thank you for attending our webinar on Moodle Gamification held on Wednesday, 14th June, 2016. It was a massive success! We were overwhelmed with the response we got… People poured in from all parts of the world. In fact, the last minute registrations muddled our parade and threw us into a frenzy for getting the show up and running on time.

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We sincerely hope, we gave you some food for thought about the importance of adding gamification in non-game environments such as Moodle. Not only that, Sach Chaudhari, the CEO of Paradiso Solutions, also gave live examples of businesses like McDonald’s, that used gamification to train their employees effectively.

Let’s just say, gamification is not just about playing games while learning! Then, what is it?

Gamification is all about playing with the psyche of the learner. People love playing games and trust us when we say, their mind is 100% involved when playing games. Don’t believe us? Try this simple experiment! Try to distract somebody who is in the middle of the game, and gauge his reaction. He’ll either ignore you and continue with the game or will get panicked by the sudden distraction. This means our minds are 100% involved when playing a game and doesn’t want to accept any distractions.

Moodle gamification
Now, extrapolate the same scene to a learning environment. Imagine, you are playing a learning game and, after finishing 3 levels, all of the sudden you are asked a question. You’ll know the answer because your attention was 100% there. And yes, would you forget the correct answer of that question? We don’t think so. Hence, the pressing need for gamification in e-learning!

Sach spoke about how gamification, when done properly, can help you engage your learners by tapping into their natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, or closure. Contrary to the benefits gamification brings in, many organizations shy away from using gamification in their formal e-Learning programs, believing that while it is fun and engaging for the learners, it does not necessarily lead to desired learning outcomes. Sach went on to clear this specific confusion, by emphasizing the need for a meaning-business application of gamification for serious learning, so that you achieve your set training goals, while the learners achieve theirs.

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