Moodle Multi Tenancy

Moodle Multi-tenancy: Frequently Asked Questions

In the past, when an organization had to provide an LMS solution to different or multiple audiences,  a distinct or separate LMS platform  was required.   For organizations that fit this profile, multi-tenancy is great solution  because each client accesses the same system, but are only able to view their specific content.  Each audience or user can be provided with their own branding and unique landing page that are fully customizable.

Below you will find our Top 10 frequently asked questions about the Moodle Multi-tenancy feature.


  • Can every tenant have its own language?
  • Yes


  • Can every tenant have its own theme?
  • Yes


  • Can subtenants have their own subdomain?
  • Yes, we  have used iFrames to create the subdomains


  • Will the iFrame set up affect the loading time ?
  • No


  • Can I offer one course to different tenants?
  • Yes, you can upload one course and make it available to only the tenants you choose.


  • Will tenants know there are other tenants?
  • No,  the benefit of multi-tenancy is that users only see their specific environment.


  • Will an administrator be able to access the other tenants data?
  • No, only a Super Administrator will have access to all tenant data.


  • Can a user other than the Super Administrator have admin capabilities?
  • Yes, the Super Administrator can create Administrators for each tenant environment


  • Can I assign a course to multiple people at once?
  • Yes, You can create Users Groups and Organizations like Departments to be able to assign a list of courses specific to that group.


  • Can I set hierarchies in Multi-Tenant?
  • Yes

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