Benefits of Moodleforce – Moodle Salesforce Integration!

Moodle, the world renowned open source software that can provide personalized virtual learning environment for the educators, administrators and learners, now blends with Salesforce. Eggheads in the corporate industry will have at some point or the other must have come across the platform of Salesforce in their professional treadmill. And now, this acclaimed CRM software, Salesforce, weaves together with Moodle to form a typical integration, known as Moodleforce.

This Moodle Salesforce integration comes in as a handy tool for people across the span of the organization and proves to be a useful gizmo for the workforce across various departments. Besides, it helps in increasing the productivity of the sales personnel owing to its ease of use. No extra training is required for understanding the integration. Deployment can happen in minutes with no major IT skills required to implement Moodleforce. This was a roundup of the broader perks Moodle Salesforce integration brings in. Besides these, there are a few other benefits Moodleforce can deliver.

Benefits of the Moodle Salesforce Integration

  1. 1. The sales department stands to benefit the maximum from the usage of Moodle Salesforce integration.
  2. 2. The Moodle Salesforce integration helps in bringing about increased participation in training by outside and inside sales teams.Moodle Salesforce Integration
  3. 3. This also helps the HR department in meeting the compliance and auditory needs with ease.
  4. 4. The Moodle Salesforce integration gives you the ability to track and promote partner, customer and employee training separately from a single portal.
  5. 5. It eventually helps in reducing the training time/costs associated with the manual intervention that would otherwise be required.
  6. 6. This Moodle Salesforce integration eventually helps in reducing the costs associated with hiring extra staff.
  7. 7. Exhaustive data present in Moodleforce helps in making internal and external marketing communications easier.
  8. 8. Easy access to training, i.e. through a Single Sign On (SSO) helps in seamless movement of the data between two platforms.  
  9. 9. On the other hand, it can help in the e-commerce métier by helping in increasing the revenue through the selling of courses online and then tracking the analytics in the CRM. E.g. – the Moodle Shopify integration.
  10. 10. There’s seen a reduction in the errors that happen, while you get an unbeatable value for the buck you spent.

What More can Moodle Salesforce Integration do for you?

Given above was just a sneak peak into the world of benefits that the Salesforce Moodle integration brings in, we’ve described the benefits in the subsequent blurb.

Systematization of Training Initiatives

Ad-hoc training initiatives happening across the organization can result in real chaos when the time calls for collaborating the result of all these initiatives. Clearing this muddle can be time-consuming and yet there is no guarantee that the payoff will be substantial. Hence, the need to put into place a system that streamlines the training aspect of it and helps in unifying the learner and the instructor into a shared perspective. This outlook is useful, especially when induction related training / compliance training / product certification training becomes the need of the hour. Besides, an insight into the extent to which the contacts/users have completed the training and what additional courses need to be allotted to them is also required. Take an LMS Demo now!  

Moodle Salesforce IntegrationCourse Data Alignment with a Single Sign On (SSO)

Integration of the Moodle Salesforce helps in aligning the course data between both the platforms. The best part is that the data between the platforms syncs on a secure platform. In addition, if the course calls for a subsequent update to the courses that are already present, the Moodle Salesforce integration does that automatically. If the integration was not called for, it’d have otherwise taken a hell of a need to be planned, owned, managed, scheduled and controlled manually.

E-commerce Enabled Course Selling

Moodle Salesforce integration works for organizations who want to sell their courses online via the payment gateways. Besides selling courses it also helps in managing and automating course enrollments. With the intuitive design of our integration and the SEO functionality already pitched in Moodle Salesforce is a great way for both the startups and the businesses to start expanding into selling courses online. Our Moodleforce also supports Single Sign On (SSO), full customization of the shopping store for you, while giving you a turnkey solution for sophisticated reporting. This integration also gives you the facility of using a discount code generator.

Contact us nowSold Already? Hold on until you get the entire picture of the Moodle Salesforce integration. The write-up above is just a preface of the imposing benefits of the integration. You have to experience the entire savoir-faire of the Moodleforce to understand what it can do for you. Get in touch with us if you need a solution such as Moodleforce. Contact us today!

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