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We absolutely understand that it usually takes three or more LMS demos to get the stakeholders going! We want you to be 100% sure,

before you make a decision. Hence, besides our free LMS demos, we also bring to you a free downloadable

E-book on ‘How to Choose the best LMS’. This will help you make an informed decision!

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Gamified Learning

With our LMS, we’ve gone beyond the facet of simply throwing in a few badges, points and a leaderboard and calling it gamification! You’d want to take our gamification LMS demo to believe the exemplary use of game mechanics in our LMS. Trust us, you’ll have your learners coming back for more every time!

Clean User Interface & Responsive Layout

A clean, crisp and uncluttered user interface is what we’ve brought forth! No unnecessarily distracting elements, yet a posh design that simplifies the learning process owing to the relatively less number of steps and clicks required. And yes, our layout is responsive too! It automatically adjusts according to the screen size of the device on which the LMS is used.


Fully Customizable White label LMS

Develop fully customized training material that carries the corporate identity of your organization. All this, while you cruise through the ‘multi language user interface’. White labeling’ or ‘re-branding’ is the popular term used for the 100% customization of the chattel. Go ahead… white label, re-brand, customize, do whatever you can with our LMS!

100+ LMS Integrations

With more than 100+ integrations at your behest, you get 100% peace of mind. These integrations support single sign on (SSO), auto-enrollment and many other features. No more walloping IT antics required to get the LMS integrated with your already-in-use software. You should get going in minutes (and not months), is what we believe in!

Multi TenantApproach

Multi-Tenant Approach

You just need a single instance of LMS and you are sorted to host and manage multiple databases / clients / customers / partners in one go! Psst… they wouldn’t even realize they are in a multi-tenant LMS – and you wanted just that, isn’t it?

SCORM / AICC / Tin Can Compatibility

Our LMS displays SCORM compliance, ensuring its capacity to play any SCORM compliant content seamlessly. It also ensures all the content to be easily shared across various platforms. Besides, our LMS supports Tin Can API. No matter the type of authoring tool you use – all the content would load and render smoothly with our LMS.


Positive? We know you are… and this is just the beginning…! Get to know our fantastic LMS to

experience its full potential. To understand how it can benefit your organization’s training strategy,

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