Multi-Store eCommerce LMS

Sell your eLearning courses from different stores with our Multi-Store eCommerce LMS integration

Building a solid course sales network without a propper Multi-Store eCommerce LMS is often a difficult job. It depends mostly on the actions you take strategically to make a successful sale and the channels you use to distribute your product.

In terms of eLearning courses, the key is to offer the possibility of minimizing delays in the sales phases. With the Multi-Store eCommerce LMS feature, you can provide an enhanced feature that will help you manage your course in an excellent way.

Paradiso LMS Multi-Store eCommerce Main features

The integration between Paradiso LMS and Multi-Store eCommerce gives you the easiest way to control and upload products across a multi-store platform with subdomains, subdirectories or at different domains. The course’s management is automatic, but global courses management can be turned on or off. Here are few of its main features:

  • Any course has the possibility to be replicated across the network, making it available on any other store.
  • You can have a single course stock management for an easy inventory evaluation.
  • The main store is available for all tenants. Also, it’s possible from there to update or adjust the course data in the other stores. You can choose if the replicated course should be updated on all tenants when updating the main product.
  • Network Dashboard Orders panel with all domains store orders.
  • Network Dashboard Products panel with all domains store products.
  • All courses metadata could be exported to other stores, including content imagery, galleries and featured thumbnails.
  • Select any course type as Simple, Grouped, External or Variation.

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Paradiso Multi store ecommerce lms benefits

Unique LMS course stock management

With Paradiso LMS unique courses stock management it would be easier to get a general inventory evaluation. The course stock allows you to sync the values of the same products across all the stores in the network.

Each store can be branded and customized

Every course store gets the option to be customized, you can use a different language, color, image, currency, payment options, in addition to other options that are included in the regular Paradiso eCommerce integration.

Different store descriptions

Every LMS course store can get a different description and branding. This way you can provide your users with specific content, search and find the courses right away with search filters.

One main multi-store eCommerce LMS orders panel

Paradiso LMS eCommerce integration allows you to have an orders panel to manage and monitor all domains and courses.

Metadata export to other eCommerce LMS stores

All courses metadata can be exported to other stores, including content imagery, galleries and featured thumbnails.

You can have any course type

Select the courses type as Simple, Grouped, External or Variation.

Course management

Courses could be managed on the main site but it is also possible to update or adjust them on other own sites or tenants.

Replicate any course

The courses can be replicated across the network, making them available to any other store.

Export your course orders

Export course orders to CSV or XLS files. Also, the integration gives you the option to export all orders or orders only from single shops.

Manage and sell all your eLearning courses with the Multi-Store eCommerce LMS integration that Paradiso LMS has for you to upgrade your sales force and strategy. You could be able to manage your courses from different sites or franchises without any missing data.

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