Paradiso brings you the best Multi-Tenant LMS Feature

You got an LMS and you realized that you have more than one group of users and you need different content, features, and roles for each of them. Get multiples eLearning platforms is not an option. That’s why Paradiso brings you the Multi-tenant LMS solution with which you can offer multiple customized and branded tenant infrastructures within the same Learning Management System.

It has never been so easy to create separate eLearning scenarios for departments, divisions or clients.

Our multi-tenant LMS allows you to have a personalized tenant for each of your clients or departments and with specific administrative roles, learning plans, workflows, and reports. They can have their own brand, courses, users, and data, absolutely separated from one to another.

You can easily split your company into hierarchical departments and users can be distributed according to it. Each user would have a different view, reports and permissions depend on the role that they have in their tenant or courses.

Some of the Paradiso LMS Multi-Tenant Benefits:

  • Create a specific work area for a department, a branch of your company or customer companies where users and courses can be assigned independently.
  • Tenants can have their own hierarchy.
  • The courses and content belong to a specific company or can be shared with selected companies.
  • Privacy between LMS tenants.
  • Specific roles and permissions.
  • User segregation, course management and reporting capabilities for each tenant.
  • Lower cost of operation and an effective & affordable solution for organizations.

In simple words, with Paradiso Multi-Tenant feature you can have multiple clients, employees, students, vendors or partners within the same e-Learning platform with different permissions, themes, separate branding and diverse content.

Additionally, with this feature, you can define site-wide capabilities for the manager roles. According to their role, they would have some of this capabilities:

Site Admins Multi-Tenant LMS Capabilities:

Admins have permission to do anything on the platform. Site Admins can perform the following actions in the MT (Multi-tenant):

  • Create and edit the company’s long name, short name, location, appearance (branding) and add a logo.
  • Suspend and un-suspend any company.
  • Create and assign “Company Managers” and “student/users” to a company.
  • Assign courses to a company.
  • Create courses within a company.
  • Restrict MT roles capabilities and add teaching location.
  • Manage licenses.

Company Manager Multi-Tenant Capabilities:

Company Managers have administrative permissions and are allowed to perform the following actions in the MT:

  • Manage a company/tenant that has been assigned by Site Admin.
  • Edit company’s long name, short name, location, appearance (branding) and add a logo.
  • Manage and create a Department within the company that has been assigned.
  • Assign “Company Managers” and “users” to a Department within the company.
  • Create, edit and upload users within the company.
  • Create courses within the company.
  • Enroll users to the available courses.
  • Add teaching location.

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