Course Management System

A CMS to enhance the quality of your courses

What is a Course Management System?

A Course Management System (CMS) is a software that you can use to deal with all the data about your eLearning programs. A CMS is a place where you will transfer all the insights concerning your courses so you can without much of a stretch track and calendar your whole course offering from one spot.

Course Management Systems allude to virtual learning conditions that are sorted depending on educational tools. For example, content creation, correspondence, organization and evaluation. Content creation software empowers educators to transfer course materials and assignments for users, while other features allow messages, conversation sheets and gatherings to be made. Other functionalities are developed to add or take out users from a course, oversee pages and records and manage permissions, among other capabilities.

Having a Course Management System will definitely ease processes from the creation to the selling and course delivery process. If you are an active part of the eLearning world, Paradiso CMS is the right choice for you!

Why do you need a Course Management System?

A CMS or Course Management System can be used in almost every sector or industry. Its flexibility and multiple possibilities allow its implementation from manufacturing industries to high schools. Various schools, colleges and universities apply CMS systems to deliver online courses in their e-learning programs in addition to their on-campus courses. Similarly, corporate training executives use the systems to deliver online training programs and automate record-keeping and employee cataloguing to improve their skills and also reach better results.

Most Course Management Systems are thus web-based applications that help with the facilitation of access to learning content as well as system administration. For the case of educational institutions with large populations of learners, the CMS platforms are used to enhance and support classroom teaching.

Institutions and organizations have understood that bringing online tools to the students and employees is very important especially to keep them engaged and motivated with the different activities planned, and also to reach the goals, obtain better results and get a good ROI targeted. It is not easy to make the users get the students to complete the courses or training programs.

An end-to-end CMS solution enables organizations and institutions to use mobile, social, and video technologies to manage their eLearning efficiently and improve the quality of their education, productivity and keep the students motivated.

Course Management System Benefits

Skills Development

It contributes to the development and strengthening of the digital skills of the employees or students. With Paradiso Course Management System it will be really easy to identify which skills are the most needed for the users, focus the training and expect the desired results for both company/institution and the final user.

Foster commitment among the users

It allows your trainees to develop self-control, take their educational processes as their own and carry them out autonomously. The responsive design of Paradiso CMS makes it wearable to the user’s daily life so he/she can learn on the move. Paradiso CMS is downloadable for Android, iOS and Windows.

Learn on the go

Our Course Management System offers M-learning that allows you to access knowledge in an unlimited way, without the need of an internet connection. The students can take the courses, anytime, anywhere without any limitation. This kind of flexibility is very valuable especially when your audience is very busy, have to travel a lot or study and work at the same time.

Attract and Engage more users

User’s engaging is directly benefited thanks to the possibility of adapting to new learning modalities and the implementation of tools such as gamification, that will considerably increase the participation and motivation of apprentices. New technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality or Chatbots, for example, give the learning experience a never-seen-before twist.

Watch every step of the Learning process

An CMS platform becomes a useful tool for instructors and administrators to monitor the teaching process. Through the robust reports of Paradiso CMS, for example, the trainer can monitor evaluations, assistance or content management by students, likewise can be used as an agenda, clock or timer, to name a few.


For the student represents, as has been seen before, a world of possibilities at their fingertips, which can range from access to content at any space-time, making it possible for them to read, see and interact with videos and images, conduct evaluations, access links, glossary or even share their achievements and experiences through social networks.

Complementing your training programs or courses in the Course Management System, with tools like m-learning, will help you offer your trainers a qualified education process. Even with the small screen size of the mobile devices, you get access to all the features of the CMS. Learners, tutors, and clients can easily access the training programs from tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Other remarkable features of Course Management System

  • Course Templates
  • Integration with multiple platforms
  • Synchronization
  • Automated email delivery
  • Storage
  • Attendance control
  • Certificates
  • Resources Manager
  • Support

Our e-learning Management System integrates with

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integration salesforce
microsoft dynamics crm lms
Sugar crm lms
magento lms
sharepoint lms
woocommerce lms
drupal commercelms
shopify lms
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