Onboard new employees virtually

Onboard New Employees Virtually

Simplify employee onboarding process

In this blog, we will explore how eLearning software helps increase the effectiveness of onboarding and minimize costs and offers several unique opportunities that go beyond traditional onboard techniques. Online onboarding is a great way to complete new hiring documents, learn office policies, participate in team and colleague presentations, get used to the company and its culture, and acquire the skills needed to perform their digital technology roles. It uses interactive methods and tools for new employee training to increase workplace effectiveness, minimize costs, and offer unique opportunities outside of traditional onboarding techniques.


Make an online onboarding program engaging with LMS

Onboarding staff combines online tests, surveys, and quizzes to determine how well your new hires have absorbed the material on board. New hires can log on to an online platform to learn from their employees and ask questions. This can be a useful option for eLearning – based on onboarding, as you can rate your new recruits much more efficiently than the traditional paperless forms through quizzes and tests.

It is an automated process that new hires start their online learning process on the first day. Let them know they’re working their way through the onboarding information, and they can take their eLearning orientation course and do everything else in the first week or month of their new employee. Overall, the onboard system helps companies become more environmentally friendly and cut red tape.

Effective online onboarding can also encourage virtual workers, which reduces office space costs and allows you to select top talent to increase productivity. The digitalization of onboarding saves time for managers and makes the onboard process more flexible, as employees can conduct training with their smartphones. It reduces the number of daily responsibilities that managers and HR team members must assume daily by spending time in-person training new hires with online boarding.

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Advantages of the online onboarding process

Online onboarding can help your team be more productive and achieve business goals faster and reduce costs for your business. To enable an integrated new onboarding experience, onboard must consist of a template designed to work with the new employee’s mobile device, such as smartphones or tablets. An online orientation system helps you to organize and show the important information your new employees are looking for effectively.

Whether you are building your onboarding process with a method, phase, timeline, or a combination of both, you can use a Lucid chart to visualize and illustrate your onboarding process to improve employee experience and increase retention. Visualizing the process involved in a flowchart or timeline will improve new employees’ performance, improve their ramp, give them an image they can understand, and lay the foundation for their feedback and review process as they move into their new role.

A well-implemented LMS can help you to reduce unnecessary actions and streamline the onboarding process by bringing everything together in one place so that HR team members can easily communicate and collaborate throughout the process. Digitalizing the onboarding process also saves executives time and makes them more flexible, as employees can conduct training with their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

While the traditional method did not offer many additional benefits, onboarding training for employees can be just as effective as the traditional method. Online onboarding uses traditional onboarding elements, which could be described as a mix of onboarding experience where the employee can be happily integrated into the best of both worlds of technology and human interaction.


Interact more with your remote employees

Interactive online training helps build and strengthen personal connections during the onboarding process and introduces new employees to other employees. This can be done in several ways, such as by telephone, e-mail or in person at the office. The corporate culture must be communicated, and it is important to guide the new employees through it.

A smooth and comfortable onboarding process, well managed through HRIS, will make your new hires feel welcome. Creating an integrated process flow introduces new employees correctly. It helps them feel comfortable in the company and with the people they are now working with, which also helps. With the above tools, you can make the onboarding process of your employees as smooth as possible. Part of an employee’s onboard process can be as simple as introducing them to their employees and providing in-depth training in your business’s software and workflows.


The bottom line

Instead of physical shadow sessions, set up training sessions where veteran staff from different departments can teach new staff valuable tasks for their job. This can take several weeks to build and can help your new employee connect with other people he should know to build his internal network while remotely onboarding. A robust online, onboard system can kick-start the engagement process and create an interactive onboarding experience.

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