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6 benefits that will come when acquiring an online classroom platform

The best way to put your skills into practice is to teach a course through an online classroom platform. In this way, you will be able to put your knowledge online, provide education programs that can be seen all over the world and, of course, generate income for you and your company.

An online classroom platform will accompany you throughout the learning process with the best quality and security, necessary to enter the world of eLearning.

Your only task when acquiring an online classroom platform will be to create and deliver quality content, the rest will be taken care of by the LMS platform, with its multiple functionalities and features. It also provides all the tools for students to advance in training programs and finish them successfully.

6 benefits that working with online classroom platforms can bring you

1. Single Sign-On

Stop worrying about multiple passwords and users. The online classroom platform developed by Paradiso Solutions lets you create a seamless user experience. Paradiso Single Sign-On (SSO) API allows you to sign into your LMS instance from another application with a single click without a need to switch between the two applications.

2. Support SCORM and TinCan API content

Upload SCORM content within Paradiso LMS. Our online classroom platform is SCORM and TinCan API compliant so whether you use Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia or any other authoring tool, your content will work.

3. Advanced Reporting

Our online classroom platform’s reports dashboard gives you a detailed overview of the learning activity. Run, save and schedule a wide range of custom reports. Export reports to CSV and PDF. Some of Paradiso LMS advanced reporting features are Course completion and status reports, exam, quiz and survey reports, sales reports, student attendance reports, student progress reports, advanced report filter options, schedule reports to run automatically, certifications, graphs, charts and much more.

4. Learning Plans and Competencies

Deliver tailored training for your students. Build personalized training plans by creating and assigning a sequence order for a list of courses or materials to learners. Paradiso online classroom platform allows you to define a set of curriculum, certification requirements, department goals, job definitions or any other matrix you need.

5. Powerful Course Analytics

Comprehensive analytics about everything that happens inside your online classroom platform. A reporting feature is an incredible tool that provides insight information at an unprecedented level, giving you data from almost every action, movement, user or functioning inside the platform

6. Multilingual Online Classroom Platform

Get the Learning experience in all languages with our online classroom platform. Paradiso Learning Management System supports more than 120 languages and is truly Multilingual.

Other important features of Paradiso Online Classroom Platform


Create multiple fully customized and branded tenant infrastructures within your LMS. Our Paradiso Multi-Tenant feature allows you to have multiple clients, vendors or partners within your e-Learning platform with different themes, separate branding, and rules.


Motivate learning behavior and Increase learner engagement by creating fun, competitive eLearning atmosphere with rewards, games, points, and badges where online learning thrives.

Performance Management

Improve performance, productivity and employee retention with fully integrated LMS performance management. Do appraisals, Competency-based learning, 360-degree reviews, performance reviews and Individual Development Plans (IDP).


Company Intranet, Portal even your website all integrated with Paradiso LMS. Paradiso online classroom platform provides a friendly and engaging learning portal for employees, partners, and customers.

Social learning

Enhance formal and informal learning programs with Social learning and collaboration tools. Our Social Learning LMS features include:

  • Knowledge sharing through document repositories, blogs, wikis, social networking and discussion forums.
  • Learner-generated content via learning program ratings and comments.
  • Chat rooms and video channels.

Blended Learning

Manage Blended Learning through an online classroom platform. Paradiso LMS delivers effective blended learning that focuses primarily on the process of learning.

Don’t miss the chance to give your knowledge to the world and experience the incredible benefits that Paradiso LMS can bring to your company. An online classroom platform will become the best ally for your eLearning programs.

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