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Why We Love a good User Interface (And You Should, Too!)

Paradiso Best LMS User Interface

Try to imagine a car with the best performing, most powerful engine out there. This car is quick, smooth and sounds incredible. But, also imagine it had the chassis and interior of an old Toyota. It could be the best car in the world, but you still wouldn’t buy it. User interface, like the chassis, is an integral part of the LMS platform.

Boosts efficiency

The user interface is the chassis of our LMS, and everything has been designed and re-designed to not only look good, but to be functional and intuitive. A well-designed user interface doesn’t just make the user experience better – it can increase productivity and efficiency too.

The user interface is the heart of the best LMS platforms and as such needs to be designedso that new users can log on and immediately understand where things are and how to access them. This level of intuition is key as it avoids the need to invest more staff hours in LMS training. The best LMS will be simple and rewarding to use.

Increases learner engagement

Possibly the biggest obstacle faced by trainers and an LMS, is the question of employee engagement. One surefire way of increasing engagement is by having an LMS user interface that is user-centric, and doesn’t push learners away before they have even started learning. It may seem trivial, but all of the best LMS platforms have carefully designed and well thought out user interfaces.

User Interface Customizations

Our LMS user interface is highly customizable. As with all of the best LMS platforms, you can customize it without needing a doctorate in coding. Branding such as theme images, headers and footers, logos, and color schemes can be customized, allowing you to import your brand identity to the LMS.

The user interface design is modular, meaning that it is broken down into sections or widgets. In the industry, this is known as the ‘lego’ system as each widget is a block which can be moved around and placed where the administrator wants it. There are over 300 of these widgets, letting the administrator customize their platform in the style of the best LMS.

Clear and Concise User Interface

The LMS brought to you by Paradiso Solutions showcases clarity and conciseness as the most important aspect of its user interface. It enables people to interact with the system in the most user-friendly way.

Responsive User Interface

When we say a user interface needs to be responsive, we mean two things. First, the user interface should be fast. Second, it should provide feedback to the user as he uses it. To elaborate on both, in the first case our user interface works without lags and loads quickly, thereby improving user experience. In the second case, our interface talks back to the user to inform about what’s happening. For e.g. If the user presses a button, how would the user know if the interface has taken the command. It should show a ‘loading…’ or a ‘spinning wheel’ to keep the user in the loop. And this is exactly what our LMS does, it behaves responsively.

Attractive UI

Besides being clear, concise, responsive and consistent, our LMS is also attractive to look at. By attractive, we mean it makes the use of interface enjoyable and the experience fulfilling. And we’ve done it on purpose for our LMS user interface, because we want our customers to not simply use it, but look forward to using it every time. The best part? Our LMS is customizable, so the client can fashion it according to his preferences. Just one thing though, our user interface uses aesthetics moderately which gives it a distinguished polish. It is not just sprinkled with superfluous eye-candy for the sake of it.

We say, you should have a look at what else our feature-rich LMS can deliver. And that is, besides showcasing an awesome user interface.

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