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Paradiso LMS Review by Financesonline.com

Here’s another feather in the hat of Paradiso Software…! *Drumrolls* Their elearning product Paradiso LMS has been reviewed by Financesonline.com, and the LMS review came out to be totally affirmative. Speaking about Financesonline.com, they are a quick-growing platform that provides online reviews for B2B and SaaS products. They help businesses find a perfect software solution for their business. Besides, they also help the vendors find potential clients. Along those lines, Financesonline.com listed Paradiso in their learning management software category and prepared a review of our software based on the following factors –

  • Great User Experience

Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback of users for Paradiso, Financesonline.com went ahead and awarded us with a prime payoff of providing Great User Experience. This LMS review has definitely motivated the team, and they are now striving towards achieving higher goalposts in terms of providing enriching ‘user experience’.     

  • 99% User Satisfaction

When a user makes a decision to buy an LMS, he doesn’t just do it blindly. He goes around the market to have a look at the options he has, looks at the LMS review, the pricing and many other options like the customer support etc. The buyer wants to find out if real people and companies are using the product, and if they’re satisfied with the product. So, in their Paradiso review the team from Financesonline.com takes these into consideration and gathers LMS review, comments and opinions about a company from a wide range of sources. They then run the data through a Customer Satisfaction Algorithm, which comes up with a score. And we were at a whooping 99%… (that’s awesome and we are happy about it).

Speaking of other accolades, Paradiso has previously earned honors and LMS reviews for best cloud-based LMS on GetApp, lms.org and Capterra. It has been nominated as one of the Top 10 Channel LMS Solutions. Nomination is significant because it illustrates our users’ overall level of satisfaction with the product and engagement with our team.

According to LMS.org, Paradiso LMS takes app integration to a whole new level. Users can access all the must-have features they need, including ecommerce tools, reports, customization options and much more. The system integrates with over 100 third party applications so users can combine forces for a powerful learning management system that works the way they want and need it to. Engage students with gamification and allow for a flexible learning experience with unbridled mobile access. Paradiso offers a lot with its core features then allows the user to do even more with integration.

This LMS review was really helpful for Paradiso Software. It served two purposes. First, it helped the company understand where they stand in the market. Second, it gave an insight into how we are viewed as a company by third party members. Paradiso will keep striving to get more and more LMS reviews, and strive even harder for a better market position. Contact us Now!

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