Paradiso LMS with iSpring Suite Strategic partnership

eLearning Solutions Leader Paradiso and iSpring Suite Announce Strategic Partnership

Paradiso gets iSpring Suite Authoring Tool Integration in the LMS while alternately Becoming their Authorized eLearning Solution Provider for India operations.

Paradiso LMS has become an authorized learning solution provider for iSpring Suite’s India operations. The partnership has brought about the integration of iSpring’s authoring tool into Paradiso’s LMS. The partnership will help businesses and institutions in India have a robust eLearning system for continuous learning and improvement as the inclusion of an authoring tool enhances learners’ engagement, custom eLearning content, system security, and saves the cost of updating contents.

Paradiso takes pride in announcing the strategic alliance with iSpring Suite. This collaboration represents a key step forward in the advancement of eLearning systems, which are now widely employed in various businesses. Paradiso intends to continue developing the software and adding features that will appeal to a wide range of customers and help them achieve their goal of using an eLearning program.

iSpring Suite is an online eLearning authoring tool that enables users to develop interactive material for any eLearning situation and collaborate with their team and stakeholders. Course authors can use the iSpring Suite to create e-courses that include videos, screencasts, interactive assessments, quizzes, role-plays, and more. Courses created with iSpring Suite can be used with any LMS. Paradiso LMS is a platform that provides a high-quality learning management system at an affordable price and partners with iSpring to market the best LMS product technology and offer support to iSpring’s customers.

“Our mission is to provide the best eLearning solutions in the market, with the best integrations to provide convenient, quick and quality eLearning. We’re excited about partnering with iSpring Suite to bring in the expertise of their authoring tool in our LMS, and I am certain that this way we can help accelerate the digital transition in the future. Working with iSpring Suite will enable businesses all around the world to gain the benefits of having custom courses within the LMS system for targeted eLearning,”

Mr. Sachin Chaudhari, CEO of Paradiso eLearning, stated.

About iSpring Suite:

Founded in 2001, iSpring is an international software company that provides solutions for eLearning content authoring and training management. iSpring takes the hassle out of the training process. Its solutions feature a powerful authoring toolkit with which you can easily create a complete set of training materials courses, quizzes, role-plays, and video tutorials and upload them to the LMS in no time. 59,000 customers from over 170 countries, including almost 200 Fortune 500 companies, choose Spring tools to train employees and students.

About Paradiso Solution:

Paradiso eLearning redefines learning success by making learning accessible and flexible to create content, deliver training and improve business performance. Paradiso has served hundreds of clients and millions of users in the USA, the UK, India, and worldwide. Paradiso eLearning caters to many industries such as healthcare, education, retail, training, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, airline, non-profits, and government.

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