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The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Learning - Paradiso Solution

The Complete guide to Mobile Learning You’ll Ever Need

More technological products are being developed to strengthen the learning experience. The newest technologies, such as machine learning, change the perspective on the usual education and learning process. For example, nearly 80% of people worldwide utilise smartphones, whereas around 97% of millennial use their phones.

The mobile phone brought accessibility to infinite information and knowledge. This, in turn, has shaped the way people expect to receive knowledge professionally. According to the report, 91% of the time is spent on mobile apps, also 30% of smartphone owners already use mobile for learning.

Mobile learning is one of the popular learning and training methods. It helps to improve productivity by 43% as mobile learners complete courses 45% faster than desktop learners. But what exactly is mobile learning?

What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning or mLearning is anytime and anywhere learning supported by mobile devices through which learners can easily access the content. You can easily enable mobile learning on your gadgets in your pockets, backpacks, smartphones, and tablets. With the help of m-learning, learners can study assigned videos, lectures, and assigned lessons and take the tests for certifications from their devices.

Importance of Mobile learning

Whether it is personal development training, professional training, or everyday life, every individual gets their information from their smartphones. Also, nowadays, many corporations have understood the importance of mobile, and their interest is rising in implementing mobile learning which is the wanted trend in the learning world.

Mobile learning provides ultimate accessibility and flexibility to learners through which they can access eLearning courses anywhere and anytime via their smartphones; this means they don’t need to take the courses during office hours. Instead, they can access systems from home, during breaks, or while commuting. This enables employees to attend learning at their convenience, resulting in high retention rates and productivity.

Let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages to understand more about mLearning.

Advantages of Mobile learning

Higher Engagement

Learners enjoy having information and learning resources at their fingertips. So, the learning becomes more interactive, which provides an engaging learning experience.

Variety of Content

With various types of content present online, it becomes effortless for learners to access it. Also, a vast number of learners from different regions of the world can access it for other subjects or topics.

Access anytime and anywhere

It becomes effortless to access the courses anytime and anywhere; comfortable accessibility has increased the demand for mobile learning.

Personalised learning

Personalised learning is another learner-centric approach that fits into mobile learning courses. Providing customized learning as per learners’ needs, skills, strengths, and interests is a vital advantage of mobile learning.

Disadvantages of Mobile learning

Poor internet connection

A poor connection may interrupt the learning and training process, especially in rural areas where there is insufficient phone coverage.

Software issues

Most of the time, software application interrupts learning due to some technical bug. For example, software compatibility issues, system crashes, not upgrading to the new version, etc., are some technical problems that may interrupt a seamless mobile learning experience.


Utilising mobile learning also creates distractions; many times, learners open smartphones to learn something and use social media, chatting, sharing images, or playing video games. This type of distraction hamper learning.

It would help if you kept these advantages and disadvantages in mind while creating mobile learning.

So now, let’s look at the factors you need to consider when designing mobile learning.

Fundamental Principles to remember when designing Mobile learning

  • Know the device you are designing for; this will help you know your design limitation early and develop accordingly.
  • Make sure training programs are functional on all mobile devices so that there will be no issue for learners when they access learning on their preferred device.
  • Before designing mobile learning, check what is suitable and relevant for your audience. Evaluate content strategy and create accordingly.
  • Always try to keep it simple which helps learners to recognize relevant courses and meet their learning expectations quickly.

Mobile learning platforms

There are various mobile learning platforms, but when you are ready to develop your mobile learning courses, investigate and search for the updated mobile learning technology to see what meets your learning requirements. Paradiso LMS provides one of the best mobile learning options for both educational institutes and corporate. Its eLearning app provides impressive and adaptable features that match your company’s requirements, including branding and support.

Other platforms are iSpring, articulate 360, Captivate, and Lectora to name a few.

Final Words

As we see, mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated, and mobile learning is expected to grow in upcoming years. Mobile learning will play a principal role in our lives, from education to job training. It is a flexible and efficient way to organise onboarding, new hire induction, and implement product knowledge training. This method of learning and teaching will solve many learning and educational challenges seen in conventional techniques.

If you are looking for a learning management platform and want mobile learning as a key feature, Paradiso LMS is the most appropriate platform that fulfils your business requirement as it provides the possibility of accessing knowledge and learning courses anywhere, at any time. Mobile learning speeds up the process of learning and helps you achieve your business goals with great speed and accuracy.

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