Resell Paradiso's OEM LMS as part of your own software suite

Resell Paradiso’s OEM LMS as part of your own software suite

Today, LMS platforms have come up with cutting-edge features and customization options. It has become easy to conduct online training programs in less time and at a lower cost compared to a few years ago. Every organization wants an LMS that needs to look and feel like a part of it and an OEM Learning platform and white-label LMS can meet this need. Before discussing OEM LMS and white-label Learning platform’s features and benefits, let’s discuss what OEM and white labeling are?  

The original equipment manufacturer is a company that produces goods or components for other companies to rebrand and resell the product to its audience. The companies who purchase components from OEMs are called a value-added reseller (VAR). By adding more features and value to the OEM products, these value-added resellers sell the final product in the market.

Similarly, vendors develop OEM LMS and sell them to LMS resellers to customize the learning platform with their branding and features. LMS delivered by OEM partners allows LMS reseller companies to make integral changes to the software itself based on their specific needs. OEM partnership empowers companies to design and incorporate the LMS they need without investing in specialized and costly IT experts. There are several benefits of being partners with OEM companies; below are some of these benefits.

Savings on cost and time

OEM partnership can help to reduce the significant amount of cost and time of developing the entire software. It means someone else takes care of software development and makes a complex process configurable and intelligible. The use of cost-effective OEM products can provide more benefits, and being partners with these OEM LMS vendors will offer higher ROI.

Better quality

The OEM companies have years of experience in producing specialty products and components. The LMS, developed by an LMS vendor, is tested for quality to match the LMS reseller’s exact specifications. There are more chances that the product they offer will be of the highest quality.

Efficient customer services

The knowledgeable and experienced staff provides efficient services and access to a wide variety of technical support.

A Glimpse of Paradiso OEM LMS and White-label LMS

Paradiso OEM LMS system offers a perfect white-labeled experience to companies and integral customized solutions to create, manage and deliver unique learning activities as per their need. The reseller can customize the OEM LMS with their own branding and features and sell the final product to end-users. Similarly, the white label LMS is sold to resellers to add their own brand or simply removes the original brand and then sells access to the platform as if they developed it.

There is a minor difference between white label and OEM, all OEMs are white-label products. Resellers sell white-label products with their branding and logo, but a third party manufactures its products. By just investing in white-label LMS, you can rebrand that product as your own. 

Paradiso solution is a right white label and OEM learning platform

There is no one-size-fits-all product when it comes to eLearning, as every learner’s needs are different, and each learning platform provides a different solution. The best way to figure out about the right OEM LMS software is the features and benefits that are provided by that learning platform. Here are some remarkable features of Paradiso LMS.

White-Labelled Experience

You can rebrand the existing LMS and change the feature as per your requirements with Paradiso OEM LMS. You can easily incorporate your customized content, courses, module, theme, logo, layout, and more in our OEM LMS platform. 

Single Sign-On

This feature allows an employee to access various applications with a single ID and password rather than using multiple credentials to access the systems. It provides a smooth process for employees to navigate the different applications and access the LMS platform simultaneously. 

Prebuilt course

Our OEM LMS comes up with powerful course creation tools where clients can create, manage, and publish the course easily in just a few clicks and customize it as per their brand. This course creation feature will help you to streamline the training and learning process.

Native navigation

With this feature, you can trail track and display each page viewed by visitors on a website and show every information regarding each page viewed by visitors. It helps keep a record of the number of clicks the visitor has made on a particular course or website.

Auto-generated Team & User Structures

The Paradiso OEM LMS offers an auto-generated team and user structures that makes it feasible for the learners to get different views of learning data based on particular attributes. This feature makes it easier for the team to work on specific functionality or areas of your customized LMS. .

Why partner with Paradiso Solutions?

Paradiso offers an all-in-one and fully integrated eLearning platform for your enterprise. We support our partners throughout the process, from providing technical implementation to marketing collateral to finding sales leads and support services. An OEM partnership with us enables a win-win scenario for both parties where your organization benefits directly from referring business opportunities with minimal effort required. Striving to offer the most advanced and powerful features, Paradiso serves its clients best and outpaces its competitors.

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