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Paradiso OEM LMS

Paradiso OEM LMS offers complete white labeled experience to companies and built-in scalable solutions to create and manage all learning activities as per their need.As a vendor-neutral solutions provider, Paradiso Solutions partners with a wide range of clients.

Paradiso embed ensures alignment across sales, customer success, marketing,implementation, product,and financial processes.Clients can get direct access to the full scope of LMS design space exploration, design optimization, and post-processing methods.

Features of Paradiso OEM LMS

OEM LMS learning Platform- Fully White-Labelled Web and Mobile Experience

Fully White-Labelled Web and Mobile Experience

Paradiso OEM LMS promotes a fully white label mobile experience to clients but also means that the mobile experience will be exactly the same as the experience on the web platform.

Embed Inside Your application

Paradiso Embed completes your product by offering complete authority as well as eliminating disjoint user experience and ineffective partner models. While offering complete authority, Paradiso integrates user experience through connectors which can connect to external applications and be embedded within them.

OEM LMS learning Platform- Embed Inside Your application
OEM LMS learning Platform-Seamless Single-Sign On

Seamless Single-Sign On

Single-sign-on facilitates end-users convenience to enter details such as usernames or passwords into courses and increases efficiency. It streamlines user experience when accessing other applications. It allows you to enter the LMS with the credentials you have in other sites, that can be from the internal servers of the company.

Pre-built course/activity data exchange

With Paradiso embed, clients are ensured with respect to course content for the company brand to create, manage, track training, and offer courses as per their requirement. With our powerful course creation tools, clients can easily create, manage, and publish the course in just a few clicks and purely mold it as per their brand.

OEM LMS learning Platform-Pre-built course-activity data exchange
OEM LMS learning Platform-Native Navigation

Native Navigation

With control over native navigation on LMS, clients can trail tracks and display each page viewed by a visitor of a website. They further improve the findability of website sections and pages of the clients business.

Simple Sandbox and Production Provisioning

The OEM learning platform offers an environment to safely develop and test application changes with low risk. This data may be refreshed from time to time in order to continue testing different functionality, and ensure that the final, migrated data looks as expected. Further, sandbox testing is also for upcoming software releases.

OEM LMS learning Platform- Simple Sandbox and Production Provisioning
OEM LMS-Uploading External Video

Uploading External Video

This feature in LMS video conferencing integration helps instructors retrieve information from any external video to understand and get a better clarity on the ongoing session.

Controlled Release & Feature Management(Toggles)

Paradiso OEM LMS gives you the opportunity to streamline the product to its core functionality as needed and restore additional features based on conditional parameters. Further, it also enables smooth working in the learning platform and also helps to switch between two user interfaces.

OEM LMS learning Platform- Controlled Release Feature Management
OEM LMS learning Platform- Auto-generated Team & User Structures

Auto-generated Team & User Structures

The Paradiso OEM LMS offers auto-generated team and user structures making it feasible for the users to get different views of learning data based on specified attributes. This automatically makes it easier for the team to work on a certain functionality or area of your customized LMS.

Flexible Global AWS cloud distribution

Paradiso OEM provides organizations the ability to configure applications and provision resources without having to actually own the hardware supporting them. It also allows businesses who use the platform to easily meet customer demands of any scale.

OEM LMS learning Platform-Flexible Global AWS cloud distribution

  • Software companies: 
    • HR, Performance management, talent management
    • Video Conferencing providers 
    • ERP, MRP, SCM 
    • Channel partner softwares
    • Customer success platforms 
  • Course Catalog companies : Bundle their courses within Paradiso White Label LMS 
  • Course creation companies : This starts a new revenue stream and   adds value to their customers. Also customers stay longer with   elearning services companies as it is much difficult to switch LMS   provider compared to elearning course creation provider

  • Training companies
  • HR consulting and payroll companies
  • System integrators and IT consulting companies 
  • Education consultants 
  • Franchise management companies
  • Anyone who has training needs for its employees, customers and partners.

You can have your OWN white label LMS using our award winning learning management system ready in 15 minutes.

Paradiso is always there to guide you in tailoring your own brand

with Paradiso OEM LMS

Lead locking is one of the prominent features that you can cultivate in your product.If you need to disclose a deal due to its complexity, we will lock-in on your name as long as you are the first one to bring the deal and our team will not touch it for a determined duration.
Apart from lead locking you can also look for marketing material, demo systems,demo training to you and your team along with ongoing hand holding and support.

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