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5 Top Benefits of Salesforce LMS Integration

The big news is that we, at Paradiso Solutions, are collaborating with the world’s most used and highly useful CRM i.e. Salesforce. With this integration, the CRM becomes capable of seamlessly integrating with the LMS while working in parallel with each other. This will eventually be greatly beneficial for the internal sales as well as the partner, customer and alliance management. A multiple training platform that caters to a diverse audience wSalesforce lms integrationill be the hankered after outcome of this Salesforce LMS integration.

Given that you can easily manage accounts, users, courses, sales orders, product catalogs and much more, the Salesforce LMS integration helps you save time and money that’d otherwise get spent to align the data manually in both the platforms. This ultimately helps in getting more out of your Salesforce plunge. As a final aftermath, it helps improve employee, sales, customers and partner channel performance. (Read more about Salesforce LMS integration features)

Noteworthy Benefits of the Salesforce LMS integration

Streamlining of Training 

With the Salesforce LMS integration happening at the decree of the sales personnel level, the merger would bring in excellent streamlining of the customer, partner and employee training. This is useful especially when product certification training is the need of the hour. In addition, it also shows how far the contacts/users have completed the training and what additional courses need to be allotted to them. At the same time, it helps in eliminating the manual work and the eventual errors that occur while syncing, importing and maintaining the data between the two platforms i.e., the Salesforce LMS. Take an LMS Demo now!   

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Course Data Synchronization 

This feature helps keep the data seamlessly aligned between both the systems, while safeguarding the security of your most valuable data. It establishes consistency among the data in the two platforms, i.e., the Salesforce LMS. Also, the subsequent updates to the courses which otherwise need to be planned, owned, managed, scheduled and controlled manually, happen automatically with the Salesforce LMS integration in place.

Course Compliance Report and LMS Audit Support Salesforce LMS Integration

The CRM system provides support during the compliance audit of the LMS. The CRM system, namely Salesforce in our context, would store all the relevant client, customer and partner information which then can eventually get pulled into the LMS at the time of its audit. In addition, the flexible reporting structure helps the auditors in extracting a more detailed analysis of the LMS, through the custom reports and analytics dashboard.

Customer Data goes the Whole-length

With the Salesforce LMS integration, you get to capture and record the customer data from across the organization. One important bearing of this aspect happens when there arises a need for invoicing and billing the customers for the learning services availed. The full circle through which the data goes, while getting synced across the two different platforms helps in realizing overall improvements for the business as well. 

Enable E-Commerce Options for Course Training 

Salesforce LMS integration is a boon for the organizations who want to sell their training services to their customers. Selling course material online via the e-commerce gateway is becoming the most preferred way for educational institutes to clinch a deal for online training. This makes the Salesforce LMS all the more lucrative option for the troupes. 

So, what do you think? Ready for an LMS trial? If you feel the above given benefits fit your bill even slightly, you should opt for the opportunity called Salesforce LMS integration. Trust us, it’ll help you in bringing the best out of your sales team. 

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