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Thank You for Attending our Webinar on Salesforce LMS Integration

First of all we warmly thank all those who attended our webinar on Salesforce LMS Integration which was held on Tuesday 10 October, 2017.

We are sure that we were able to provide you the clarity on this amazing technology.

To give a summary on what this webinar was all about, this webinar was mainly conducted to understand the benefits of using Salesforce-based LMS for Sales / Employee / Partner / Customer Training

Our host Sach Chaudhari talked about the numerous how Integration of Salesforce with Paradiso LMS helps in taking salesforce on steroids.

The major queries that were addressed in this sessions were:
1. How easy SF-LMS integration is?
2. How SF-LMS allows a seamless training environment via SSO?
3. How easily can admins and learners weave the use of LMS into their schedules
4. How SF-LMS integration can deliver richer and robust reporting?

The webinar also covered how salesforce LMS makes training efficient by explaining its benefits and features.

Missed the webinar for some reason? No worries, here is the webinar video and slides for your convenience!

                                                                        >>Get the Webinar Slides and Video <<



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