Virtual Clasroom Platform with Moodle

A virtual classroom platform allows you to create an environment where the users will be highly engaged with the course they are taking. Allowing users to interact with the teacher or presenter is a big plus! – Whiteboard, Screenshare, Powerpoint Presentation, and Video Conferencing are just some of the features that will enable you to create an experience for your learners.

Moodle and Totara have become a window for the education and corporate sector. The different features offered make them a great platform to teach and train employees depending on the sector, but upgrading it to a Virtual Classroom Platform will definitely make you squeeze the most of these platforms.

Virtual Classroom Platform allows you to integrate Video Conference tools such as WebEx, Google Hangout, Big Blue Button, Adobe Connect and more.


– Create, Invite, and Attend all directly from one platform. Give your users a more simple online experience by having all your needs in one place.

– Create your meeting in Webex, Big Blue Button, Google Hangout or Adobe Connect, Directly from Moodle. No need for an external page or links.

Users will be able to just click their resource or activity for Online Class and they will be taken directly to the conference room where this class will be held.

3 Ways of Notifications

  1. Moodle Calendar Sync
  2. WebEx Block
  3. Email Notification

Access upcoming online classes and past meetings history. The integration allows users to access an archive of online classes recorded for reviewal or for those who missed they can still access the info.

Our virtual classroom platform allows you to go beyond and provide your users or students a much more enjoyable eLearning experience, bringing you the Whiteboard, Screenshare and more features that you as a teacher or presenter would want to use to enhance your topics and create a much bigger impact on your students.

Our Virtual Classroom Platform is integrated with WebEx.

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Steven Quiroz

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