How is Virtual reality (VR) training Used in Corporate Training?

How is Virtual reality (VR) training Used in Corporate Training?

Virtual reality is the promising future in the corporate world training

In a world where technology is steadily revolutionizing the corporate world, it comes as no surprise that Virtual Reality (VR) Training is the future of corporate training and online learning. The benefits of virtual reality are enormous, and the impact it is having or going to have on the learning and development sector of the corporate world is also huge.

So, before understanding how virtual reality training changes the training scenario in the corporate sector, let us first understand its overall significance in training.

Virtual Reality and its Significance in the Real World

Virtual reality involves the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. The computer-generated environment uses scenes and objects that appear real, making the user feel they are immersed in the surroundings. Multiple types of environments can be created using virtual reality. For example, you can feel like a character in a video game, learn to perform a safety exit during an emergency, or improve employee training quality to maximize performance.

The simulated environment is perceived using a virtual reality headset and gloves. Thus, it is fully immersive, and everything we see in the simulated environment is artificially created through images, sounds, etc.

Applications of VR Training in Different Fields

Medicine, culture, education, industry, and architecture are some of the areas that have already taken advantage of this technology. From performing an experiment in school to performing open-heart surgery, VR allows us to cross boundaries that would otherwise be unimaginable. Some of the examples of its application are-

VR in Sports

Across a range of sports, it’s used as a training aid to help measure athletic performance and analyze techniques to maximize performance. It used across games like athletics, cycling, skiing, golf, soccer, basketball and many more. Past game performances can be viewed in VR and improvements can be planned accordingly.

VR in Medical Training

It is used in medical training to practice surgeries and procedures, allowing for a consequence-free learning environment. VR is used to create environments like an open-heart surgery, helping physicians feel life as elderly, real medical conferences, speeding up physical therapy and so on. Overall, VR makes healthcare more pleasant.

VR in Education

VR is used in teaching and learning solutions to create virtual environments like a visit to a museum, a study field, a geographical location like the solar system, etc., to feel the 3D environment. VR can also be used in eLearning solutions like virtual classrooms in online courses. VR has the power to engage and inspire students in a unique and powerful way.

VR in Mental Health

VR can be used for treating phobias, anxieties, and depression. It can create environments in which the patient comes into contact with fear or anxiety, while the technology keeps the patient in a safe and controlled environment. Virtual reality exposure therapy is used in therapeutic treatment in mental health.

VR in Industry

Virtual reality in training is used in the automotive industry trainings to get a look and feel of the vehicle before making expensive prototypes that involve a lot of investment of time and money. It is also used to give mechanics the training on assemblies before starting the actual assembly process. Design engineers can check for any production errors and redo the designing if need be. VR helps making processes error-free to a great extent.

VR in Retail

VR is overall changing the online shopping experience. VR can provide opportunities like viewing the product and trying the product that we do at a physical store before buying a product. It is used to plan, design, research and helps accomplish customer’s changing wants and needs and enhances customer experience.

Virtual Reality (VR) in Corporate Training

Many corporate organizations are exploring virtual reality (VR) training in employee Learning and Development (L & D) Programs to provide immersive learning and training to their employees. It allows employees to perceive the virtual world to learn, train, explore and make mistakes without any real-world consequences and any other costs. It is a safe environment, and the real-time experience improves the retention rate in learning. In addition, experimenting with learning enhances intelligence and creativity among employees as a guarantee.

Benefits of VR in Corporate Training

Virtual Reality (VR) training is already proving to be more effective than traditional classroom training or e-learning. The benefits of VR in Corporate Training can be counted as follows-

  • Immersive Learning

    The simulated environment gives a real-world experience. The 3-dimensional technology helps absorb the learner’s attention in the artificially created environment, thus making learning immersive for the employees.

  • Safe Environment to learn by making mistakes

    Virtual reality (VR) training creates environments using objects, sounds, images, etc. Thus, learners can learn and experiment to see consequences without facing them in reality, e.g., a fire safety drill in the manufacturing industry, product storing collapse in inventory, and many more.

  • Higher learning retention rates

    The brain has higher retention rates when it experiences something more than just reading or listening to some sessions. Real-time experiences have a higher impact on the brain’s ability to retain.

  • Faster and more effective training

    Better trained employees know exactly how a project must be carried out and save time on other less critical processes. Better training of the sales team or customer support team also helps retain customers and increases customer conversion rates.

  • Learning becomes fun and exciting

    The nature of VR training is such that it does not feel like traditional learning. Instead, it feels like a video game, yet it teaches the employees the training lessons in a fun and exciting manner.

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Do companies implement VR in training?

Virtual Reality is revolutionizing the method of digital learning, and more and more companies are adopting Virtual Reality (VR) Training for their employees. If your company has not thought about it yet, it’s time to consider it for corporate training before it’s too late.

Some companies using Virtual Reality (VR) in Corporate Training are-

  • Walmart uses VR training to assess the skills of employees

    Since 2017, Walmart is using VR applications to incorporate a 360-degree video taken from within one of the stores, and situations are created to challenge the employees to solve interpersonal conflicts.

  • Porsche uses VR training to educate on electric vehicles

    VR demonstrates to its employees how various electrical components work in an electric vehicle. It uses VR to create a virtual space where employees perceive animated electrical components to understanding the working.

  • Boeing uses VR training in the prototype assembly process

    For example, Boeing uses virtual reality training programs to train mechanics to get the feel and look of the assembly process before they get into the work. Design engineers, too, are benefiting by getting feedbacks that identifies flaws in the production system.

  • BP uses VR training to train employees for safety

    BP partnered with Igloo Vision to train their employees in start-up and emergency exit procedures at their oil refinery in Hull, England.

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