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Rebranding Solutions with White Label LMS from Paradiso

It is a well known fact that an entrepreneur has to don many hats in order to keep the business barrel rolling. Certainly, that’s the price one has to pay ‘to be one’s own boss’. Antics apart, sometimes trying to do many things at a time can set up an entrepreneur for failure. This is mainly because when multi-tasking, a person is trying to develop a skill outside his core competency. At the same time, the entrepreneur might repeat the mistakes that others have probably committed before. So you see, doing/developing something from scratch might not always be the solution.

In such cases, delegating is key! When it comes to a SaaS (software as a service) product, it is best for an entrepreneur to leave the IT stunts to the experts. Let the adepts pitch in and provide you a customized solution – mainly a white label solution for your software needs. And when we speak of the e-learning industry, a white label LMS might be the best for you.

Still not sure? Consider these Benefits of a White Label LMS!

White label lms 11.Rebranding is quick and easy with a white label LMS

A white label LMS can be purchased by a company and rebranded to associate with their own brand image. Consider this versus building an e-learning platform from scratch. Isn’t rebranding easier? It definitely is! So you see, it frees up time for the entrepreneur to focus his attention on deriving a higher ROI on imparting training and learning, rather than on learning the LMS.

2.       A white label LMS helps keep the learners happy

When you invest in a prepackaged white label LMS, your learners can easily associate with the brand image of your company because of the branding done by you, and this eventually instills a feeling of belongingness in them. Besides, white labeling is a very useful feature when you want to resell the LMS by tagging it your own.

3.       White label LMS saves you time and money

Try developing such a solution from scratch and you’ll end up losing on a lot of time, finance and efforts of your human resources. Hence, a ready made white label LMS! And that too at rates that sum up to be comparatively lesser than building something from scratch. Bottom Line – cost effectiveness and speedy deployment!

white labelling4.       A white label LMS helps you focus on your core competencies 

It’s always wise to not build yourself outside the areas of your expertise. Like already mentioned, you’ll end up wasting your time, money and human resources on things that are trivial to your core competencies. They do nothing for counting in a higher ROI. Hence, it is a wise call to trust the experts, and avoid the pitfalls. Consequently, a white label LMS is your answer! So, get going with our free LMS Demo.

Our White Label LMS is the Right Choice for you!

After making sure you understand the nuances of opting for a white label LMS, let us quickly give a lowdown of the benefits that tag along –

  1. 1. The white label LMS helps you in creating a custom branded login page that can have your own domain name.
  2. 2. Once you enter, you can upload your logo and change the theme using a pre-packaged theme selector tool. If you want a completely custom theme, you have the provision to do that as well on the white label LMS.
  3. 3. You can change the font, font colours, font sizes, background images, button colours, breadcrumb colours… practically everything on the white label LMS!
  4. 4. Fully customizable email templates can be fabricated for additional branding initiatives using white label LMS.
  5. 5. Customize your welcome messages to match the look and feel of the system to make it look like ‘your’ LMS, instead of ‘ours’.
  6. 6. You can completely customize and hide our name/brand from reflecting anywhere on the white label LMS.
  7. LMS integrations7. Besides this, you get the facility of integrating this customized product of yours with any other software you may be using previously. Our white label LMS supports more than 100 integrations with well know softwares, web-based portals and collaboration tools.
  8. 8. To make things easier after you integrate with a software, say salesforce-lms integration, we’ve implemented the provision of ‘Single Sign On’ (SSO). With SSO on your white label LMS, you can login both, the integrated software and the LMS, in a single instance using only one credentials.
  9. 9. With a single account, our white label LMS, you can create more than one brand. This aspect, mainly called as multi-tenancy, helps in creating different platforms for different users/tenants, based on their individual requirements.
  10. 10. We’ve gone a step further with our white label LMS by making the system robust enough to limit the visibility of content of learners depending on which brand they login to. So, a learner/user from one brand won’t be able to view the course content of other brands. Hence, they’ll typically have access to white labeled branding only.
  11. 11. Our design experts can brand the white label LMS to give it a finished look, complete with logo, custom URL, a custom login, basically custom-everything according to your own requirements, that is in line with the look and feel of your organization.
  12. Easy LMS 12. We basically strive to provide you a rich onboarding experience, free from the headaches associated with collaborating with the IT department. With our white label LMS, you can get going with minimal training and deployment execution. You can say, we have a penchant for keeping things simple and snappy!

Custom branding is just another robust feature of our white label LMS. To experience the power packed performance of our LMS, you’ve to give it a try for yourself! And the best part? We are offering a free LMS trial for 15 days. Too good to believe, yes it is… Contact us Now!

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