Workday LMS integration

Workday + LMS Integrations: Overview and benefits

If you are looking for an excellent partnership to take control of your workforce and save resources of your training programs you should choose LMS Workday Integration. The alliance between these two platforms will allow you to store all the employee data not only about their general information or hiring process but also all the information about the training activities that happen inside your LMS.

But… what is an HRIS system?

A Human Resources Information System or Human Resources Management System is a software commonly used for organizations to keep and store all the employees’ information, such as join date, contract type, salary, title, department, etc.

Some of the most popular HR software in the market are Workday, SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Bamboo HR, Halogen, etc.

Workday, a very popular A Human Resource Information System, is a very useful tool to run all the company assets. It helps with the organization plan, controls and manages HR costs, carries out detailed data about recruitment of new staff, etc.

In the graphic below, you can find other processes that you can easily manage from a HRIS, such as Workday.

Workday LMS integration

How does Workday LMS Integration work?

With LMS Workday Integration you can easily manage your HR files, accounting documents and training reports in just one place, thanks to features like Single Sign-On (SSO). Any user of your HRIS system can be added to the LMS and take courses or any learning matter without having to create and set up a new profile. The LMS will import the data from the HR software.

Another great advantage of having your Workday LMS integration is the possibility to track and follow all learning processes without having to switch between the eLearning software and the HR platform. All the employee data including training needs and achievements would be on a single platform. Also, our LMS features and records are accessible from a tab on the dashboard. This allows your audience to launch and assign courses, view course material and use social tools without ever having to leave the HRIS.

With the User sync you can add, remove and edit user information and also if needed, you could even create an organizational hierarchy based on the data.

Workday LMS integration

Which are the LMS Workday Integration most important features?

Ensure all the right data is synced across platforms

Important employee data – such as department, title, location, salary etc. – is kept up to date across your LMS and Workday.

Sync Workday data to your LMS

When a new employee is added to Workday, the profile is automatically created in the LMS with their relevant data.

induction training software

SSO (Single Sign-On) Between Workday and LMS

You won’t need to enter two sets of login details to access both systems. With SSO you enter with just one ID to either, and the other is easily accessible via a tab on the dashboard.

Sync Organizational Hierarchies

If your business has a complicated hierarchy structure, then this can be shared with and replicated in the LMS.

Create Detailed Reports

Use data across both platforms to retrieve complex reports based on a number of metrics. Data can be used for internal performance management or for recruitment purposes.

LMS Workday Integration brings lots of benefits for your company

  • Track and follow all learning processes without having to switch between the eLearning software and the HR platform.
  • Time and money savings.
  • Excellent flow of data.
  • Enhanced reporting.
  • Data synching.
  • Enhances organizational performance.
  • Complete customization.

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