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Why do you need to convert PPT to SCORM?

The technique of traditional classroom learning is changing and people are adopting the eLearning method. To deliver valuable information to people through an online eLearning platform the content should be compatible with an LMS (Learning Management System). You can convert your ppt, video, PDF, and images to an interactive learning format that is SCORM compatible to able to run it on LMS. Using an authoring tool like CogniSpark AI you can simply create SCORM-compatible eLearning courses in a few clicks.

why do you need to convert ppt to scorm

Convert your existing PowerPoint courses into interactive e-learning
PowerPoint is not enough for your eLearning needs, you need to convert those PowerPoint courses into SCORM. to make them digestible for an LMS.


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Step By Step Guide to Convert PPT to SCORM

SCORM is the leading standard format in which eLearning is run on an LMS. Using software ensures that the PPT uploaded is converted to SCORM format to give the user better interactivity. For the basic step of conversion, you will require an authoring tool or any software that can create and run eLearning courses on LMS.

Convert PPT to SCORM With CogniSpark AI in a Few Clicks

CogniSpark AI is an award-winning content-authoring tool. The exemplary features offered by CogniSpark AI are specially created to give the user an engaging learning experience. It is a web-based tool which can be accessed on multiple platforms. You can create, and customize courses, add quizzes, videos, and voice-overs using the authoring tool. To make online learning seamless and effective having a Learning Management System is very crucial.

  • Sign up for Free trial of Paradiso LMS
  • Create New Project and Import PowerPoint, Video and PDF Files
  • Now Goto File and Click Publish to the Computer
  • Select the SCORM version for Your LMS and Click Publish; you will receive a Zip file
  • Simply upload the ZIP file to the LMS

How it Works

You Import PowerPoint and PDF; we export SCORM Complaint Courses


Upload PPT and PDF in Composer

Sign Up and Create a new project to Upload your PowerPoint, Video, or PDF

Flash Cards

Goto Publish

Go to Composer Tab on Desktop and Hit Publish

Interactive Images

Select SCORM Version

Select the SCORM version for Your LMS and Click Publish; you will receive a Zip file

Top Key Features to Convert PPT to SCORM
an eLearning Authoring Tool Must Comprise

Create SCORM courses hassle free

Create SCORM courses hassle free

Don’t worry about the creation of LMS compatible courses. CogniSpark AI converts PPT to SCORM in just few simple steps. The best part of this feature is that it keeps the animation, clickable links, images and videos intact.

Flash Cards

Add AI Voiceovers to Make Narration Effective

Learning with a voice over is more interesting and engaging. The tool comes with the AI voiceover feature that enables you to add narration along with the content.

Interactive Images

Convert Screen Recordings to Course Content

The Composer comes with a useful feature of screen recording. Using this feature, you can easily turn your important screen recordings into course content. This saves a lot of time and effort and makes the content stay forever at one place for further use.


Integration With LMS

Paradiso LMS is a platform to empower your workforce with advance skill with minimum fuss. It can be integrated with the authoring tool CongiSpark AI and work together for employee and business growth.


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Frequently asked questions, answered.

How to create SCORM courses using CogniSpark AI?

Making SCORM courses on CongiSpark AI is very simple and quick. Just click on to the publish button and download the content as a SCORM file. The content will be downloaded in the latest SCORM format.

Is free SCORM converter trail available?

Yes, before purchasing the authoring tool you can take a free trial to know the useful functioning of it. You can then opt for a subscription and use the effective features ahead.

Are the SCORM courses compatible with the LMS?

Paradiso LMS supports SCORM 1.2 or 2004 therefore it can be easily integrated with the LMS and function efficiently. However, if you have already purchased another LMS then the authoring tool will still be compatible with it.

Are there any ready to use templates in CongiSpark AI?

Yes, the 50+ ready-to-use templates in CongiSpark AI can be directly sent to learners and they can access it on mobile, laptops, desktops, and tablets. The content, images, and videos of the templates can also be customized as per the topics which makes it even more useful.
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