Managed Training Services

Build targeted courses and deliver measurable value through managed training services to transform your L&D programs

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Managed Training Services

Managed Training Services to Streamline and Optimize Learning for Your Workforce

Our training services are to take on the tedious, time-consuming, and most complex parts of your training-related functions for your L&D activity and to free your teams to focus on more crucial tasks for business excellence. We deliver customized learning infrastructure and the perfect environment for your L&D administration with our managed solutions.

Managed Training Services

Benefits of Managed Training Services

Customized Learning Portals

Learning Portal includes platforms that are fully equipped with features to have effective and targeted training convenient for both administrators and learners in the platform. In addition, the learning portal can be customized to have desirable features, and your brand looks for the convenience of identity to your employees.

Managed Training Services Learning Portals

Effective Monitoring

Effective Monitoring Managed Training Services

Assessment of chosen KPIs by employees is easy to track and monitor to understand the level of achievement of set goals. Consistent and effective monitoring at the personal and institutional level helps ensure the learning activity is consistently directed towards the company goal.

Training Analytics and Reporting

Our training services enable you to track and have access to monitoring data for every employee and employee group at every step to determine their learning and performance levels. Based on tracking reports, learning paths can be planned for individuals or a group of learners to achieve learning goals.

Training Analytics and Reporting managed Training Services

Dedicated Client Service

Dedicated Client Service

We are a dedicated team of experts that provide you with consultation, planning, execution, and end-user support concerning training services.  We focus on client needs and provide the necessary support for the highest level of client satisfaction.

Save Costs and Deliver On Time

With outsourced managed learning services, you can control costs and work out the best deal for you. With our training services, you do not have to spend time on course content creation and development and concentrate on strategic activity that can bring profits. Outsourced managed learning services ensure training to be delivered without any delay.

Save costs and deliver on time
Our Expert Solutions

Our Expert Solutions

Content Planning, Creation, Development, and Delivery Content Planning, Creation, Development, and Delivery

Content planning, creation, development, and delivery

Managed training services include delivering the best in learning content and development that is client-focused and targeted to the L&D needs of the client. Our experts coordinate with your team to understand, plan and strategize your courses for training success. We provide the future for learning and management.

Learning administration Learning administration

Learning administration

We perform information gathering, analysis, curation, coordination, and delivery of the best training courses with our managed solutions. We provide an automated failproof process that is scalable and flexible for future needs. We also tailor learning programs to have targeted learning for your workforce.

Learning delivery Learning delivery

Learning delivery

We provide virtual and online training programs to transform your workforce. Our managed training services have a robust team of expert trainers and a state-of-the-art learning delivery platform that is flexible and allows to accommodate volume fluctuations. In addition, we provide learning on the go to ensure learning is not hampered due to time or cost constraints.

Strategic sourcing Strategic sourcing

Strategic sourcing

Outsourcing your learning requirements strategically through our vendor management systems helps reduce costs, have multiple experts as trainers, access to updated and latest learning content, the scope for training expansion, and complete end-user support services.

Learning Technology Learning Technology

Learning Technology

Paradiso provides learning using technology like blended learning, instructor-led training, social learning, virtual classrooms, webinars, web and video conferencing to provide intuitive and immersive learning to employees. Mobile learning is one solution that helps employees access learning content from anywhere at any time.

Advisory Services Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Paradiso’s vendor management system provides consulting and support in your training functions from planning to delivery. The main goal is value-addition in your training functions and successful implementation to achieve the set objectives. Training assessments and reports provide an overview of training outcomes that act as advisory instructions in planning training in the future.

Overall Learners’ Lifecycle

Managed Learning Services Support Overall Learners’ Lifecycle

Managed learning services not only take care of your organization’s L&D activity, but they can also set the path for development and modernization in learning content and courses, keep employees updated, drive learner engagement and have findings on business impact.

  • Training services drive your learning and development team and help your best employees focus on other crucial tasks.

  • Outsourced managed learning services provide the opportunity to access and learn the latest technological developments and advancements in comparison to your competitors in the market and keep your employees updated.

  • Managed training services not only handle your L&D training needs but also can additionally oversee the development and reporting of your training programs.

Outsourced managed training services optimizes and streamlines your L&D activity and allows your resources to focus on the much-needed areas for business excellence.

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