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Alfresco Learning Management System

Alfresco is an enterprise content management platform that can be used in the cloud or from behind the firewall. It helps you store and share the documents that your business depends on. Alfresco is built for the portability of multiple devices, while being able to rest in the cloud So, why integrate Alfresco with LMS?Primarily it using Alfresco Content Management system with our LMS. The content is stored and managed in Alfresco, but can be accessed in the LMS. Another important use is when it is used in a CRM. It helps you solve your content pain by bringing in powerful search, workflow and collaboration to the CRM, while helping in streamlining the sales processes to close more deals faster

Alfresco LMS Features


Alfresco LMS works on Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign On (SSO) in Alfresco LMS gives its users one-click access to the LMS and Alfresco. A user can access all the information in Alfresco and the LMS on multiple devices i.e. via desktops, smartphones and tablets. SSO has a policy-driven security and a multi-factor authentication ensure, so that only the authorized users can login to view the sensitive data. The best part about SSO is that it is a safe alternative to the loss of credentials

Alfresco = Central repository for the entire content

Alfresco automates the document storage and recall processes using its powerful folder rules and workflow capabilities. It allows easy collaboration and sharing of all the documents. It also enables compliance of the stored documents via its Records Management module to ensure that the documents are locked and archived for safely for future reference once signed off. In spite of being archived, the documents are fully searchable outside Alfresco. The search is so powerful that allow users to search documents based on the record data as well as the text inside the documents


ACLs control permissions in Alfresco

Access Control List (ACLs) is an ordered list of Access Control Entries (ACEs). Whenever an ACE is used, it associates a single authority to a single permission group or permission, and states whether the permission is to be allowed or denied. It is primarily an authenticating procedure where a user has to validate if he is actually what he claims to be i.e. his credentials. And ACLs are the functions that validates this information

Alfresco LMS Integration benefits

Alfresco LMS allows the employees to continue learning in their CRM without having to learn to use another application. On the other hand, when coupled with a CRM, it accelerates deal cycles by applying automation in workflows and collaborating the overall content available in the LMS. It helps you increase productivity, increase security, helps in saving time and costs by avoiding content duplications, reduces errors, brings about faster change management on content editing and better revision control of the edited documents


Alfresco LMS – Content and Editing Use Case

  • The corporate training writer creates a new course in Alfresco
  • It goes through Alfresco workflow and finally gets approved by training director
  • Once it is approved the workflow moves the course into a special folder which is accessible from the LMS
  • The trainer goes into the LMS, and sets up the new course and use the content created by the writer for the course using Alfresco
  • During the first training session, trainers gets feedback from student so the trainer submits a request to edit the course
  • Alfresco admin grants the request
  • Trainer edits the courses and submits the changes
  • This kicks of Alfresco workflow and the changes gets approved by training director
  • The changes appear in the Moodle™/Totara and students are able to see the update immediately

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