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In the retail industry, it is crucial for workers to upskill and fulfill the changing customers’ needs constantly. Utilizing versatile online tools like LMS retail software is one of the best ways to monitor, train and supervise your employees and ensure to boost their performance.
Retail LMS software is a platform that businesses should utilize to train employees to provide personalized training depending on their requirements. Additionally, retailers can utilize off-the-shelf customize training content. In this blog, we have shortlisted the Best Retail LMS that will help you opt for the best software that fulfils your learning requirements.

Top 10 Retail LMS Software Solutions

Paradiso Solutions

Paradiso LMS is recommended as the best retail LMS among the top Retail LMS that allows you to keep your training and information updated with the new laws regulated and technologies by the industry where the company operates. It also helps to reduce organizational risk and ensure compliance and a competent workforce. Moreover, Paradiso provides targeted training courses on sales, knowledge sharing and product knowledge that will help your team deliver the exceptional experience as per customer demand.


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Top 10 Retail LMS software solutions Paradiso Solutions
Top 10 Retail LMS software solutions Spring Learn

Spring Learn

iSpring learn is another LMS for retail that provides easily customizable features to deliver seamless online learning programs. This LMS serves all types of retail organizations and is leveraged for almost instant ROI on training from sales managers to employees. It also supports blended learning that integrates with different software like Zoom, Goto meeting, Microsoft team, etc. Moreover, being among the Best Retail LMS, it also offers mobile learning support.


Alexandria, VA


EdApp is among the retail LMS software solutions that allow team leaders and managers to track retail staff’s training progress and overall performance from anywhere. This retail LMS is also known as an effective microlearning platform that offers an employee training tool to enable you to create personalized content, manage and deploy top-notch quality content for your employees through robust features. Moreover, this LMS for retail also provides authoring tools, actionable reports, a course library, and more.


New York, US

Top 10 Retail LMS software solutions EdApp
Top 10 Retail LMS software solutions Trainual


Trainual is another retail LMS that allows you to provide easier and quicker onboarding and employee training without location restrictions. With this platform, you can easily customize learning materials like hiring checklists, sales handbooks, and many more. This platform is in the list of retail LMS software that enables business managers, owners, and human resources professionals to organize operational knowledge, document, define role-based responsibilities and assign training workflows with built-in accountability.


6340 E Thomas Rd STE 100, Scottsdale, AZ 85251, United States

Learn Amp

Learn Amp is among the retail LMS software solutions that focus on helping businesses develop and retain their employees. It helps your employees build their retail skills through social learning and peer-to-peer features like self-generated content, group assignments, and event management. In addition, you can access in-built reports depending on the statistical data and develop focused learning paths to monitor and boost each employee’s performance.


Runway East 20 St Thomas St London

Top 10 Retail LMS software solutions Learn Amp
Top 10 Retail LMS software solutions Goto Training

Goto Training

Goto Training is another LMS for retail that comes up with reliable features to manage and create online training courses and sessions. It also encourages retention, better knowledge, and engagement during learning programs and discussions. Moreover, being listed among the retail LMS software solutions, this platform delivers enriched online learning experiences through interactive workshops and coursework.


Boston, Massachusetts, United States

360 learning

360 learning is listed among the retail LMS software that you can utilize to manage your retail work. It is widely recognized for its collaborative training tool, authoring suite, content integration system, and analytics dashboard. It allows your employees to meet in person, and all the devices require no technical skills to utilize. Moreover, it also provides an analytics dashboard, collaborative learning, and discussion boards.


New York

Top 10 Retail LMS software solutions 360 learning
Top 10 Retail LMS software solutions Arlo


Arlo is cloud-based training management software that enables you to organize and manage all training resources under one roof. It incorporates various tools and courses management software integrations to deliver training using different LMS platforms and other business intelligence solutions. This LMS for retail also enables you to create self-paced quizzes and modules so that your employees can access them anytime and anywhere.


151 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC, V6B 1H4, Canada

Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS is also listed among the retail LMS software that come up with powerful automation features allowing the learners segmentation, auto-assignment of courses depending on criteria, and showing recommended additional courses to users. Moreover, it also integrates content libraries with built-in courses and offers custom KPI and dashboards to boost performance.


775 S Rivershore Ln Suite 200, Eagle, ID 83616

Tovuti LMS
SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is a highly scalable LMS for retail that provides robust features and is designed to quickly onboard new employees and offer continuous training to develop retailers’ skills. It also helps to engage and motivate users in their learning process. Moreover, it provides features like tracking and reporting, gamification and leaderboards, and much more. Also, this platform supports rapid implementation and integration to provide uninterrupted training.


San Ramon, CA


That was the list of retail LMS software that provides excellent features and helps to improve performance. Opting for software that fulfils your requirements will help to boost business growth and productivity with ease. Paradiso enables you to deliver top-notch training to your retail workforce with its valuable features and incredible benefits with a user-friendly interface.

Speed up employee onboarding, improve engagement, reduce employee training time and ultimately improve customer services with Paradiso Retail LMS.

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