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Sales training is an important aspect of a company. A company must have well-trained salespeople who can close deals and bring in new customers to be successful. The best Sales Training Platform can help your sales team succeed by empowering them with the latest skills, strategies, and knowledge they need to meet sales goals. Sales training programs should be customized for each sales team because every company works differently from the next.

Who can benefit from an effective Sales Training Platform?

Whether you’re looking for customer relationship management (CRM) solutions or a guidebook to get your employees up-to-date on their roles, best sales training platform are an important part of the business.
Sales training is often considered expensive but consider this: A well-trained employee will bring in more revenue than they cost you to employ, according to Time magazine.

bstp-Who can benefit from an effective Sales Training Platform

How to determine a suitable Sales Training Platform?

bstp-How to determine a suitable Sales Training Platform

A good way to determine which sales training program is best for your company is by asking these three questions:

  • What are my current issues?
  • How do I want my business to run after I have solved these issues?
  • Which tools will take me there?

What Companies have the Best Sales Training Programs?

There are many different best sales training platform, so it cannot be easy to know which one is right for your business. This blog post will compare five of the best sales training programs available and help you decide which one is right for you.

Paradiso Solutions

One of the leading eLearning solution providers, Paradiso Solutions offers powerful features and robust eLearning solutions for eLearning programs. It is a web-based, highly customizable, easy-to-use e-learning solution provider with an attractive user interface that offers course creation service, course catalog, course authoring tool, and cloud-based training that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

TOP Continuing Professional education Sales Training Platform
  • Course creation service as per custom requirements
  • A wholistic course catalog
  • A course authoring tool – author your content with ease.
  • It’s a comprehensive learning management system (LMS).
  • CRM integration facilitates organizing, tracking, and analysing knowledge pertaining to the customer for the sales team.
  • Customized services might be costly.
  • For a pricing quotation, a consultation is necessary.
bstp-coursera Sales Training Platform


Because it covers a variety of sales subjects from a renowned institution for free, we picked the Coursera sales training program. If you’re interested in online learning, Coursera is a great option. With over 1,000 courses available, you can learn anything from business fundamentals to data science. Plus, Coursera offers specializations-courses designed to help you master a specific skill or subject. So, whether you’re looking to update your marketing strategy or gain a deeper understanding of financial accounting, Coursera has something for you.

  • The training covers a variety of subjects linked to developing a successful sales process.
  • The Coursera platform offers a completely online course.
  • Practice quizzes and graded assignments help you track your progress.
  • Many sophisticated sales strategies are not included in the beginner’s training.
  • It takes around four months to complete the comprehensive course.

RAIN Selling

The Brooks Group is a well-known training company. It is one of the leading authorities on Business-to-Business Sales Training. Their specialty is helping B2B companies train employees in how to sell. They enable your staff to access and effectively utilize new information to raise sales and enhance client retention across sectors.

bstp-rain-selling Sales Training Platform
  • Virtual lectures with an instructor.
  • The training follows a well-defined structure created by a well-known sales trainer.
  • For sales representatives, a personal evaluation and skill analysis are required.
  • There will be no pricing without a specific quotation.
  • Customized training programs may be costly.
bstp-hubspot Sales Training Platform


HubSpot’s free Inbound Sales Course is an excellent introduction for both new sales representatives and seasoned sales managers wishing to broaden their knowledge and abilities in the current sales environment. From finding prospects to conducting efficient sales calls and presentations, this course covers the most crucial aspects of the sales cycle.

  • The inbound sales training is available for free.
  • A variety of media forms, including video and quizzes, are used in the online course.
  • In just three hours, you may easily do this task.
  • Not as in-depth as longer, multi-day courses.
  • HubSpot account is required to take the course.

Dale Carnegie

This training will assist salespeople in demonstrating why your organization is superior to online self-service solutions. Depending on your decision, completion may qualify toward certification credits for HR, project management, and accounting professionals. Learning centers throughout the nation provide the course regularly.

bstp-dale-carnegie Sales Training Platform
  • Relationship salespeople will benefit from in-person training sessions.
  • A relationship and business training course from a well-known brand.
  • Learn the complete course in a short amount of time.
  • The course is rather expensive.
  • It may not be easy to locate a session that is convenient for you.


The best companies for best sales training platform put the customer first and use various techniques to educate their team.

If you’re looking for an effective program, ask yourself these questions before choosing one:

bstp-conclusion Sales Training Platform
  • Does it personalize your needs?
  • Is it customized to meet my company’s objectives?
  • Will I be able to access materials online or through mobile devices and in-person with live instruction?
  • Do they offer ongoing support after completing the course, or does this end when I sign up?

At Paradiso, we’re passionate about helping our clients succeed. We can help you find the best Sales Training Programs that suit your business requirements and budget, so feel free to contact us today!

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