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What is Tin Can API LMS?

The Tin Can API is a new learning technology specification that opens up an entire world of learning experiences. This API records the activities that occur during learning experiences. Tin Can API LMS is a learning management system compliant with the standards of Tin Can. These software tools are advantageous when you need to record and track data as a part of your web-based learning programs.

Also, with Tin Can LMS, you no longer have to rely solely on a specific browser or browser-related technology. Moreover, you don’t have to confine yourself to an LMS platform. So, let’s explore and look at the vital features of Tin Can LMS.

We have shortlisted the Top 7 best Tin Can API LMS

  • Paradiso LMS
  • Talent LMS
  • eFront
  • Moodle LMS
  • Cornerstone Learning
  • Docebo
  • LearnDash
Track Courses

Track Courses

Tin Can LMS easily tracks the courses when you upload the courses made in Paradiso LMS or any other tools like Adobe captivate, Articulate, or Spring; you can access learning experiences like chapters completed or quizzes taken by your learners if the course was created using Tin Can LMS. Therefore, with an API-compliant LMS, you can easily track courses and get delightful reports.

Record learning experience

Record learning experience

Access the data for your learning with the help of Tin Can LMS. It stores learners' interactions with your course content and details of the learner's course completion. For example, with API-compliant LMS, you can get insights on which learners completed a chapter, whether they attempted quizzes or watched the video, who tried the courses, etc.

Improve Training Programs

Improve Training Programs

Tin Can API LMS lets you get data on your course's impact. Also, you can record every single interaction of learners with your course content. You can analyze and identify whether the learners feel engaged in the courses or not. Moreover, you can examine the impact of training on learners by recording learning experiences and also improve courses depending on the learning data.

Easy Platform Transition

Easy Platform Transition

Like SCORM, Tin Can API LMS allows you to start learning on one device and complete it on another. In addition, it provides a seamless and easy switch between two different platforms, making the learning even more powerful by providing access anytime and anywhere per the learner's convenience.

Key Benefits of Tin Can API LMS

Get control over learning content

Get control over learning content

With Tin Can xAPI, instructional designers are given more control over course creation and content. Instead of sticking with a browser-based application or browser, you can utilize the form you are comfortable with and develop it to function on the platform that your user prefers.

Seamless Integration with other tools

Seamless Integration with other tools

Tin Can API offers smooth integration so your user can attempt uninterrupted training programs. For example, you can create a course in authoring tools and host it in a separate LMS, and by using Tin Can API, you can share data among different platforms. Moreover, you can track learners' reports from a centralized location and utilize multiple eLearning tools to create a robust training program.

Collection of data from multiple devices

Collection of data from multiple devices

Tin Can API LMS allows you to collect data from different devices. So, keep an eye on the learner's performance and progress across multiple devices. For instance, if a learner starts the course on a laptop, reads a part of it on a table, and finishes the course on a mobile phone. You can track all these activities, and the learner's data gets stored within the LRS (Learning Record Store), allowing them to go mobile with their eLearning.

Easy tracking for different learning scenarios

Easy tracking for different learning scenarios

Experience API compliant LMS can record and track serious games, informal learning, simulation, and real-world performances. It can also track data collected from adaptive, offline, and blended learning scenarios. Moreover, Tin Can xAPI is more versatile compared to SCORM.

Now let’s look
at the top 7 best Tin Can API LMS

Paradiso LMS

Paradiso is a versatile and feature-rich Tin Can API LMS that you can utilize to manage various learning programs smoothly. It has a built-in authoring tool that enables users to create courses and tests in minutes. Also, the LMS supports different file formats, including videos, images, presentations, PDFs, and more. Paradiso LMS has a library of 70k+ ready-to-use courses that makes it easy to get started with training. Or else you can smoothly create online courses as per your requirements.

Key Features

  • 100+ seamless integration solutions.
  • Create multiple fully customized and branded tenant infrastructures.
  • Examine and continuously improve training programs.
  • Intuitive platforms for both mobile devices and desktops.

Talent LMS

Talent LMS is one of the top Tin Can API LMS that helps to train customers, employees, and students. It’s a fully customizable platform with granular analytics, embedded eCommerce, notifications, video conferencing, and many other features. Moreover, Talent LMS supports Tin Can and SCORM and works smoothly on mobile devices.

Key Features

  • User-friendly, cloud-based system without needing to upgrade or back up data.
  • Create courses easily by using your videos, presentations, and other online material within the system.
  • Support SCORM and APIs and provide in-detailed analytics to track user performance.


eFront is another top Tin Can API LMS that supports the most complex and demanding learning ecosystems. It provides robust customization options and access to the source code allowing users to develop a unique training platform. Moreover, eFront is mobile-compatible and supports APIs and native integration.

Key Features

  • Leverage SCORM/ Tin Can API support for some of the most commonly used content interoperability standards to enhance your learners’ experience.
  • Provides a file repository to store all your files in one place and allows them to organize and share with users.
  • Receive predefined and automatic email notifications based on selected events.

Moodle LMS

One of the most popular LMS software, Moodle provides flexible, accessible, highly engaging, and safe online learning spaces. In addition, it is the most customizable LMS as the software is open source, and users control entirely designing its look and feel, data ownership, and setting up security and privacy. Also, you can utilize Moodle Tin Can API for K-12, vocational training, and higher education, apart from workplace training.

Key Features

  • Notification for new assignments, personal messages, or deadlines.
  • Detailed reporting and logs of participation and activity.
  • Multimedia integration for easy audio, video adoption, and content into the course.

Cornerstone Learning

Cornerstone offers a holistic learning ecosystem with different pre-built integrations. It helps customers hire, train, and manage people that impact every aspect of their business. Also, the software supports various formats, including video, audio, doc, instructor-led, and VR, to ensure people learn effectively. Also, you can share the right content tools per the learners’ job roles.

Key Features

  • Analyze current and historical data and easily forecast upcoming events.
  • Provides performance management and track development activities of your team members.
  • Get a 360-degree view of your organization’s workforce.


Docebo is another Tin Can API LMS that supports infinite configurability, allowing users to create audience-oriented specific LMS pages. You can shape the LMS into a particular case of use by leveraging its free extensions like automation, custom domain, audit trails, and certifications. Docebo provides 400 integrations and enables you to connect with all your existing business system under one learning ecosystem.

Key Features

  • Integration library focused on enterprise learning. It also provides a free and paid integration platform as service (iPaas) native integrations and connectors are available.
  • It allows you to combine formal learning with social learning easily.
  • Empowers your learners to learn on the go with a mobile learning app.


LearnDash is easy to customize, supports multimedia, and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Also, it supports both SCORM and Tin Can API. Some of the LMS highlights are superior quizzing, structured course content, and an immersive learning experience. In addition, you can expect to get the support of Learn Dash’s vibrant community committed to helping each other succeed.

Key Features

  • Learn Dash allows course management that provides you complete control over courses and learners.
  • Easily manage groups and assignments and provide access to courses and reporting.
  • Provides integration with Zapier, MailChimp, Slack, WooCommerce, and more.

Final Verdict: Select the Best Tin Can API LMS for your organization

Tin Can API LMS is best for recording and tracking learning data. The idea is to adopt a tool that provides comprehensive support to instructors, admins, and learners. The above-mentioned seven best Tin Can LMS can help you provide the best solutions to your users. Paradiso is the best Tin Can LMS among them due to its user-friendly interface and customizable and robust features. So, start creating customizable courses with us!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can a Tin Can API LMS be integrated with other software systems?

Yes, Tin Can API LMS systems often support integrations with other software systems, such as HR software, content authoring tools, and analytics platforms, to provide a seamless learning environment.

Can Paradiso Tin Can API LMS track and report on informal learning experiences?

Yes, the LMS can capture and report on informal learning experiences, such as discussions, knowledge sharing, and on-the-job training. This allows organizations to have a more complete understanding of the learning journey.

Does Paradiso Tin Can API LMS support mobile learning and responsive design?

Yes, Paradiso LMS is mobile-responsive and supports mobile learning. Learners can access content and track their progress on various devices, making learning more accessible and flexible.

Is there a free demo for Paradiso Tin Can API LMS?

Yes, Paradiso typically offers a free demo of their Tin Can API LMS. You can request a demo on their website to explore the features and capabilities of the LMS before making a purchase decision.

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