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Your Paradiso platform is fully AICC LMS compliant

The term AICC is an acronym that you can commonly hear or read when you want to start or enter into the eLearning world. This term contains the result of the first attempt to standardize the way that the contents and courses could be read and delivered through virtual education platforms. That’s the reason why companies and institutions must create their content AICC LMS compliant to work properly and run right away in any LMS or eLearning platform.

AICC stands for Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee. It goes way back in time when the need was born for the aviation industry. This turned out to be an advance that revolutionized the history of eLearning and created a new generation of Learning Management Systems and the way that the content is created.

The functioning of an AICC LMS is similar to other types of regulations like TinCan, SCORM, CIM5 or other learning formats designed to create the eLearning content.

The main difference between AICC and the others formats is the way that it handles the data. AICC LMS courses can be hosted in a remote server that connects with the LMS by URL and charges the content in the platform and let it be read by the students.

You can make changes or updates to the AICC directly in the server and once they’re ready, run them in the LMS platform.

Image result for aicc SCORMSurviving without an LMS in the e-learning industry is almost impossible nowadays. Organizations are accepting it like never before and they have been using it to deliver faster and effectively the content to their learners/users. We are sure that you don’t want to be left behind in this race, hence you may need a feature-rich LMS for companies, like Paradiso LMS.

If you’re looking to get an eLearning Software or you already have one, you’ll also need an AICC LMS, which will help you impart the learning and bring the courses to your users, allowing you to track the progress and performance of the learners. This is all possible thanks to AICC. An AICC LMS will allow the admins/managers to check if any of the learners are yet to complete their training, how many of them already have, their progress, etc.

Lastly, a major aspect of AICC LMS is that it brings in interoperability. No matter the course authoring tool you use, you can simply dump all the information on the LMS. This process would be a piece of cake for you since the content that is getting created and the LMS would speak the same language of AICC. Also, content reusability is made possible.

What’s the difference between AICC LMS and SCORM?

Despite being really similar to each other and having the same purpose in general terms, the standard AICC LMS and the SCORM regulation have their differences. The main aspect in which they are different is the form of communication that each one uses to communicate with the LMS. While AICC LMS standard uses HTTP messages to the LMS to establish communication, the SCORM works with Javascript.

Let’s take a look at some of the differences between them:

The content can be hosted in a different server than the LMS. Is necessary that the content and the LMS stay in the same server.
Sends HTTP messages to communicate. Uses Javascript to communicate with the LMS.
The uploading process is more complex. Has an uploading process more simple.
The content of the course can not be easily divided into modules. The content of the course can be divided into modules that can be taken independently.

In case you’re planning to design the content for your LMS, make sure that it is AICC or SCORM compliant, that way you can run all the courses easily and smoothly in your eLearning Platform, besides you can keep them updated with the latest information.  

So, if you’re looking for a learning solution that is compliant with AICC LMS regulations and the other main standards dictated by law you found the right place. Paradiso LMS is a feature-rich platform, fully capable to host and run your courses in the right format.

The Learning Management System that we have is set up according to the main law standards to comply with AICC LMS and provide a strong platform for your training programs.

If you have additional questions or you want to know if your courses are AICC compliant, set up a demo now to get further information by clicking here. Or send us an e-mail to [email protected].

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