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Benefits of true-to-life simulation training

Benefits of True-to-Life Simulation Training

Implement robust simulation training methods in your training

Simulation training is planned and goal-oriented to guide learners to the intended learning outcome. This training method include interactivity which allows students to put problem-solving skills to test experience repercussions of their actions, and make adjustments to their decisions in a safe setting. Paradiso offers excellent simulation training method with realistic environment for users to practice new methods and experience complex situations.

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At Paradiso, we can create bespoke devices or virtual reality simulations that provide in-depth knowledge and training while allowing your learners to experience real-world scenarios. Our solutions provide learners the confidence they need to complete assignments successfully and set them up for success. Simulation training provides graphical representation of data that you can manipulate and modify to show you what can happen if you take various choices. For example, to educate learners how to complete tasks using software used at business, you can use free tools to capture screens, provide instruction and allow employees to practice taking the right steps to take to get work done.

“Simulation training is done digitally, with a virtual environment that mirrors actual work conditions, including background noise, effects as well as simulated workspaces.”

Learners are placed in a range of realistic circumstances in simulation-based training, which motivates them to learn by doing. Here are the top five simulation training benefits for you to train and encourage your staff to learn through hands-on experience.

Benefits of simulation-based training

  • Facilitates “learn by doing” approach

With simulations training method embedded in their learning process, employees can learn by doing. This helps learners to hone their strategic skills and broaden their business perspectives. The basic reason why custom simulations-based training is effective is that it offers experiential learning to your organization. This method involves hands-on activity and self-assessment, taking concepts and then makes them realistic to the learners.

  • Offers relevant feedback

The moment learners make mistake during training, simulated learning environment comes with an immediate feedback. You are rewarded for your correct answers and penalized for the errors. Just like that the right behaviors are committed to your long-term memory, and you do not repeat the same mistake at work. Through this strategy, you can provide feedback at the end on what they did right and wrong. With this simulation training method, you can point out exactly what learners tend to do wrong giving them an opportunity to correct their behavior.

  • Employees are allowed to faulter

Employees require a secure environment in which they can try out new ideas without fear of repercussions. The more people fail and learn from the consequences of their poor decisions, the better they become in their job. An excellent training simulation allows your staff to hone their operational and strategic abilities in a safe environment. It motivates them to fail and pushes them to attempt new things. Simulation training provide a safe environment for learners to make mistakes and observe the consequences of their choices. It also allows people to repeat their actions using multiple tactics in order to get different results and succeed.

  • Visualize real-world consequences

Visualizing consequences of their learning actions during their online training can help learners understand why their behavior at work is important. If connecting two wires can cause spark, simulation can literally show that spark giving learners the visual treat of this experiment. This simulation training method can be especially helpful to demonstrate and train for projects that are complicated and not easy to understand. You could show the learner a safety report or a customer review that comes out a day or week after they perform a task.

  • Blend of learning techniques

Immersive learning experiences like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are changing the way workers learn and develop skills that are necessary to succeed. Paradiso solution with virtual reality (VR) technology is available for learners where you can develop simulation training in a full VR environment. Simulation training are far more flexible than classroom training as they allow you to incorporate multiple learning techniques making it easier for you to grab the knowledge and improve your learning experience.

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