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Why Do you need Bespoke eLearning?

Nowadays, Bespoke eLearning or Custom developed Courses have become a very constant needs for organizations or educational institutions that want to offer to their learners a different, more engagement and more dynamic eLearning experience, that motivate them to achieve the goals and complete the courses with success.

First at all let’s talk a little more about Bespoke eLearning. If you are getting into the eLearning world you would hear a lot about this a concept. It, in other words, talks about the branded or Custom Courses designed specifically for your learners, their interests and learning needs.

Why Bespoke eLearning and not off the shelf courses?

Off the Shelf Courses are a great alternative if you want to start your courses or if you don’t have much budget. Why? Because you can buy a catalog of eLearning Courses that are already created and you don’t have to worry about creating the topic or thinking about the activities or even the graphics. They are all ready to go.

On the other hand, Bespoke eLearning Courses or Custom Courses could need more investment, take more time to develop, but at the same time lets you create, personalize and customize the whole scenario. This would bring a lot of benefits to your company or institute. The most important benefit is that with a Bespoke eLearning Content Development you can make sure that your courses truly engage and capture the attention of your learners. If your course or content is boring, don’t matter your efforts, your learning or training project is going to fail.

Engagement, motivation, and retention are goals very hard to achieve but if you use the right strategies, you can increase them and make the students finish the courses and get the knowledge, skills and competencies necessaries.

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Benefits of Bespoke eLearning or Custom eLearning Content development

  • Content could be branded for your organization: you can use your logo, corporate colors, your own images and more.
  • All the content and courses materials would be designed just for you and your company requirements. No one knows your learners more than you. That’s why you need to create activities, topics or games (with gamification tools) that get directly to your learners’ interests.
  • Approach the learner’s preferences and company needs.
  • Offer your learners a more engaged and motivated eLearning experience. This would give you better ROI and would increase the student retention.
  • Personalized and customized training solutions that adapt to your learning goals.

What Could be added to your Custom Courses?

Professional Dubbing / Voice Overs

A resonant voice-over is a great tool to increase engagement and help learners to absorb the lessons easier.


Gamification is a big new trend that uses game strategies to increase user participation, engagement and motivation. Popular games as Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire can be integrated into your courses.

Integrated Non-linear Branching

Integrate non-linear branching in the course development process makes it more interesting and interactive. A non-linear course that branches in a variety of directions but covers the entire course curriculum will hold your students’ attention.

e-Learning Course Branding

Branding is important in the digital age because it creates ownership and an unforgettable signature for the people relate to you or your company’s work.

Standard Compliance

In Paradiso Solutions we make sure that your bespoke e-learning courses fit SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) TinCan and AICC standards, preventing compatibility issues irrespective of the Internet browser or operating system that students are using.

Paradiso Solutions brings years of e-learning course development experience to help you or your company build and design the courses just how you want and according to your real needs. With Bespoke eLearning, you have the opportunity to customize your learning experience and approach your learner’s preferences, your company’s culture, and training goals.

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