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Paradiso LMS: The best solution for the corporate world

Paradiso LMS: One of the best LMS solutions for the corporate world


Most learning management system solutions out there don’t offer all the features you need or a lot more than what you need. All the companies offer a generic LMS, this means you are paying too much for features you don’t need or too much and not receiving enough.

Paradiso LMS is an Learning Management System software created to work for your needs, from elementary schools to the fortune 500 companies. Its a system that can be tailored to every company’s needs because we use a modular system that you can easily customize by adding or removing elements.

We have everything from reports and performance management to multi tenancy and online support built in. In today’s world we have to be ready to change, The Corporate sector is no different, Paradiso LMS makes this possible with the team needed, as well as the flexibility of the platform that is needed to make changes on a whim.


Here are some of the key features that our e-learning software has to offer:


  • Performance management:
    You can keep track of the progress of all your employees as well as clients
  • Reporting:
    This is a feature that a lot of LMS lack, we offer a robust reporting capabilities, from already created templates to creating your own reports with hundreds of rules.
  • Gamification:
    This can help your end user interact with your content, by piggybacking on the neural pathways already created from gaming systems they can learn much faster and have fun in the process.
  • Embedded support (chat):
    Most companies have a ticketing system and that is as far as it goes. We offer chat support in our learning management system software interface, so if you have any sort of issues with anything regarding our Paradiso LMS, you can contact us through chat and we will get on it like white on rice.
  • Google analytics:
    Its always nice to know where are your clients coming from, what browser they are using, adwords, etc.
  • Social wall:
    This feature can help your end users interact with one another ask each other questions and discuss work related matters with everyone – like your own social network within your LMS.
  • Multiple Integrations:
    Its a very flexible system it has been integrated with Salesforce, Google hangouts, WebEx, Google Analytics to name a few. This system can be integrated virtually with any system out there.
  • Multitenancy:
    This is a feature that can be very useful to everyone in the corporate world, this allows you to have different rooms with in one Paradiso LMS, by the way its your choice if you want the rooms to be connected or not.


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