What is Upskilling and Best Upskilling Platforms in India ?

What is Upskilling?

Professional upskilling is the process of improving a professional’s skill set, gathering relevant and updated domain expertise, usually through training, to perform better in their jobs. Across domains, it is critical to close the gap between demand and availability of skilled professionals.

For a long time, Digital Transformation in Learning and Developments has been the most popular trend, changing job roles. The processes are improving, resulting in better working methods and better outcomes. According to NASSCOM, 40% of India’s 4 million workforces will reskill over the next 5 years.

Why is upskilling important?

Upskilling is a continuous process that every professional should engage in, regardless of their position in their career. Some of the reasons to keep learning are as follows: Change is the only constant, and to survive and excel in it, one must embrace it. Technological advancements increase efficiency, reduce errors, and make tasks easier.

Professionals who are upskilled in these technical solutions can better align their functions with organizational goals and thus perform better. Upskilling empowers them to take on new and more challenging tasks in a dynamic environment. Professionals who are upskilled will be able to perform better in their jobs and advance more quickly.

How does an upskilling platform help?

Modern upskilling platforms like a Learning Management System (LMS) are necessary. It’s a valuable tool for boosting worker retention and engagement. Serving customized learning needs and anticipating how they’ll affect business success is a great way to succeed. In addition, using an LMS as an upskilling platform at work can make upskilling more efficient by:

  • Enhancing workplace skills

    In addition to learner-selected skills, the upskilling platforms focus on employee-required skills. For example, the client support team employees may want to focus on communication rather than settlement. An LMS sends learners timely notifications so they can list every task they do and develop a job-specific upskilling plan.

  • Encourages exercise

    Managers become training coaches to provide on-the-job learning opportunities. An e-learning/upskilling platform deployed at work helps coaches provide courses with personalization and offers instant feedback on learner performance.

  • Choose one skill anytime

    To promote upskilling, an LMS focuses on one skill at a time. First, an LMS lists skills from which learners can choose. Then, it helps organizations fill regions by assessing learners’ abilities and aligning them with business goals. Learners may move on to another skill after completing one. Also, previously acquired skills are integrated with approaching modules to ensure employees can use what they’ve learned, increasing retention rates.

  • Real-world examples engage employees

    An online session or virtual presentation can help upskilling. Upskilling platforms give students access to real-world examples told in a story. It allows learners to use skills in real life or meet figures who’ve mastered a skill, increasing worker motivation. Instead of just studying an idea, employees learn how it can help them meet business goals.

List of Best Upskilling Platforms in India 2024

  1. Paradiso LMS
  2. UpGrad
  3. Courcera
  4. Google Digital Garage
  5. LinkedIn Learning
  6. UdaCity
  7. EdX
  • 1 Paradiso LMS

    Paradiso LMS prioritizes resources to help you develop the skills you need. Allow your employees to develop the skills they need with their skills profile, learning opportunities customized to their goals and interests, and content curated (from millions of resources) to help them learn in the workplace. Then, in an up-to-date record that follows them throughout their career, show off all of their completed learning.
    You get the following benefits from Paradiso’s Upskilling Platform:

    • Learning and development that is adaptable to the needs of each individual
    • Prioritizing resources to develop the skills you require
    • Promoting peer-to-peer sharing
    • Having a better understanding of the content and culture that motivates learning
    • All internal and external learning resources are in one place, making integration simple
    • Increased output and productivity

See What Paradiso LMS can do for you.
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  • 2 UpGrad

    UpGrad an upskilling platform in India offers digital marketing, entrepreneurship, project management, data analytics, data-driven management, and digital technology management programs. In addition, UpGrad provides industry insights, student support, and placement assistance. UpGrad courses help people upskill or change careers.

  • 3 Coursera

    The Coursera app gives you access to more than 1,000 courses in Computer science, Data Science, Data Business, Entrepreneurship, Science and Medicine, Art, Design, Photography, Music, and Creative writing developed by 140+ of the world’s best colleges and universities. Coursera’s courses help you advance your career or continue your education by boosting your CV.

  • 4 Google Digital Garage

    Google Digital Garage is a one-stop shop for digital marketing, DB administration, and network engineering courses. In addition, Google Digital Learning offers courses and certifications to start or advance your career. Google’s Digital Garage provides free digital marketing certifications, software development, machine learning, Google Cloud, Data, Python, Cybersecurity, and career development courses.

  • 5 LinkedIn Learning

    LinkedIn is a social networking site for job-seekers and business professionals. LinkedIn Learning teaches cross-job-profile skills in addition to strategic networking. In addition, LinkedIn offers personalized, social, expert-led online learning. It is truly one of the best upskilling platforms out in the market that is affordable and easy to use.

  • 6 UdaCity

    Udacity, an upskilling platform in India offers Nanodegrees and industry-specific credentials to make professionals job-ready. They teach Machine Learning, Data Science, AI, Web Development, Digital Marketing, and Business Analysis. In addition, Udacity offers 200 free courses as part of Nanodegree, a paid micro-credential. UdaCity’s courses are curated by Google, Facebook, AT&T, Mercedes-Benz, and Amazon. Courses include videos, exercises, projects, mentoring, and verified certificates

  • 7 EdX

    EdX is a learning platform. Founded by Harvard and MIT professors, it has 34 million users. Computer Science, Language, Data Science, Engineering, Business, and Management. It’s a non-profit online platform that hosts free university-level courses. The world’s top universities and companies teach EdX’s courses.

The Bottom Line

Learning new skills or improving existing ones keeps you current with domain trends. For example, a staffing company predicts India will need 2 lakh data analytics professionals by 2025. So, take an industry-focused program on a new-age skill to develop new skills.

Investing a year or six months will result in better job opportunities and higher pay. With the Digital Economy, IT is shifting from Scale to Skill. As a result, Digital economy-aligned skills are in demand. A course that lets you build a portfolio through industry-based projects will help you with excellent job performance.

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