Building a Best-of-Breed Learning Machine: Insights for Commercial Training Companies

Choosing the right LMS for your training business can be a complex task in itself and of course, time-consuming too. Most of the times what a training business is looking for is way ahead of time, which is a complete customization work and not in existence currently. There are other issues like the conceptual mismatch, functional gaps, technical disconnect, License and cost misalignment, Business-critical priority as well. Even after putting in your 100% efforts you can’t be sure that you will get the best of the best LMS.

We conducted a knowledge enriching webinar just for you who handle training businesses. This was collaboratively done by John Leh, the CEO & lead analyst for Talented Learning and Sach Chaudhari CEO and Technical Director for Paradiso Solutions. This webinar covered the following topics in depth,

Everything was discussed in depth, right from what challenges a Training business manager faces and to how to procure the right LMS for the business.Sach also talks about API working and how Paradiso integrates perfectly with all the system that training company would use on a daily basis.

Paradiso integrates with a range of CRMs, CMSs, eCommerce platforms and a lot more.

You can access the webinar video recording and slides right here, – Webinar Slides 


Andrew Das

Andrew has many years of experience in Learning Management Systems. He is an expert in the field of e-Learning platform development. He is also the technical writer for Paradiso Solutions. His passions include helping and training people and making learning fun.

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