Degreed vs 360Learning Comparison

Degreed vs 360Learning: Compare to explore the difference in learning experience

Opting for the LMS that helps boost productivity that is crucial for your organization’s success. But when you enter the LMS market, several learning management systems provide free access to their platform or come with impressive features for your business. Among them, Degreed and 360Learning are two certain companies that offer fantastic tools in their arsenal. Degreed or 360Learning LMS, what’s best among them? Which platform fulfills your learning needs?Lets discuss this in this Degreed vs 360Learning article.

To filter the best between the two platforms, we have come up with the blog for you to compare 360Learning and Degreed that speaks about how Degreed compares with 360Learning, providing a detailed 360Learning vs Degreed comparison, enabling you to decide on what to opt for your business.


Degreed is an online learning platform that offers a premium list of features through which users can maximize engagement with employees and make learning efforts rewarding. It allows users to track learners’ progress and ensures that learners are achieving their learning milestones. In addition, the features like analytics and reporting tools will enable the organization to pinpoint the area of learner’s course and identify where they are lacking, as well as where they excel. Moreover, Degreed helps connect all your talent development, internal mobility, and learning opportunities to intelligence on the skills your business needs.

360Learning LMS

360Learning is a learning management platform that manages, creates, and delivers online learning and training sessions for learners and trainers. It provides robust features such as gamification, blended learning, and video conferencing. 360Learning caters to mid-size and large-size businesses. Users can smoothly and efficiently find the course they want to participate in through an organized catalog and access content at their convenience. Moreover, it offers microlearning support with more effective and convenient strategies. Also, this learning management system is a reliable tracking solution, delivering, and managing content.

360Learning vs Degreed Comparison Chart

Product Features 360learning Degreed
Blended Learning Yes Yes
Compliance Management No Yes
Compliance tracking Yes No
Mobile learning Yes Yes
SCORM compliance Yes Yes
  1. 360Learning provides incredible video conference tools with virtual classrooms, including web-conferencing, screen sharing, instant chat, and more.
  2. Degreed provides powerful reporting and analytics tools that offer a variety of reports to track learners’ progress. Also, it gives the ability of custom reports depending on learners’ activity.
  3. 360Learning is the learning experience platform that supports microlearning to develop interactive content and learning.
  4. If you want to onboard new employees faster and offer top-notch training in your company, Degreed works best for you.
  5. If you are looking for a cost-effective, engaging, interactive learning experience, 360Learning is the right choice for you.
  6. Degreed offers social learning with features like discussion forum and gamification, making the learning process more enjoyable.

Degreed vs 360Learning: Pros and Cons

360Learning LMS

  • Pros

    360Learning provides unique learning content, especially when you launch an onboarding course for your employees. This platform simplifies the onboarding process and offers a seamless learning experience.

    This platform combines collaborative tools with the help of LMS by unlocking top knowledge learning and boosting the growth of companies.

  • Cons

    Reporting functionality may be improved by upgrading and having a more diverse function.


  • Pros

    This platform provides a personalized learning experience that helps customize the content according to users’ learning requirements. It provides a plethora of top-notch features that help deliver engaging and effective learning programs for the learners.

    Degreed provides multi-language ability with microlearning tools to manage and provide corporate services.

  • Cons

    Users may have complaints regarding category feed as there is lack of customization in a specific section.

Degreed vs 360Learning: Pricing

Before opting for any platform, it is vital to look for its price structure and budget. As mentioned above, 360Learning pricing starts from $8 per user/per month, whereas Degreed pricing starts from $129 per license. Both the prices are customizable as per your requirement.

Degreed vs 360Learning: Final verdict

That was an overview of 360Learning vs Degreed based on their functionalities, features, pricing, services, and more. Degreed or 360Learning LMS, both platforms provide excellent solutions to deliver effective learning and training programs. However, if you are looking for software with robust solutions, we recommend looking for Paradiso LMS. It offers an advanced online training platform. It is a web-based, highly customizable, easy-to-use LMS with intuitive user interference.

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