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Generate Non-Dues Revenue forAssociation with eLearning Platforms

How Can Non-Dues Revenue for Association be Generated Effectively?

According to the Community Brands 2019 Benchmark Report: Small-Staff Groups, it is a top priority for associations to increase their non-dues revenue for associations. With the rise of online learning due to social distancing tactics, online education is quickly becoming a viable choice for members and non-members. Unfortunately, only 9% of associations use an LMS to generate or enhance non-dues revenue for associations through online learning.

Don’t get caught in the past; adapt and expand in these uncertain times, and prepare to offer live webinars and other online learning opportunities as a member perk and a means to attract new members.

Online learning can boost non-dues revenue for association

If your association doesn’t have a Learning Management System (LMS), it’s time to obtain one. An LMS saves time and labor while generating cash from your new learning offers. Let us now see how non-dues revenue for associations can be increased through online learning?

You may monetize your learning solutions by selling seminars and courses to people seeking professional development or continuing education. But there are alternative options, including selling advertising space or providing a job posting. Let’s dive deeper:

  • Creation and sale of virtual learning course content on a subscription-based learning model so that member organizations can pay an annual or monthly access fee in exchange for educational resources.

    Paid virtual learning courses don’t have to be done just by you. External subject matter experts or content producers can also be a feasible and prudent option. Expert members can contribute trustworthy information in blog entries, educational videos, and more.

    Your organization’s responsibility is to establish a good learning environment and structure for offering high-quality learning solutions. This significantly enhances the non-dues revenue for associations.

  • Training in leadership and soft skills

    Along with basic skill sets, training, soft skills are in great demand across industries. Therefore, to hone their talents and create non-dues revenue, associations might train resources from other sectors for future leadership positions.

    Young members are always looking for ways to learn, and including online learning as part of your membership could benefit them and your organization. In addition, when members have online learning possibilities with desired courses as a reward, they are more likely to stay loyal and attract new members in the long run.

  • Industry education led by experts

    This provides industry-best practices in their associated areas of specialization to members and staff through interactive events such as training seminars, guided exercises, and webinars with a small participation or registration fee from learners.

    Recognize your members’ educational needs and provide them with accreditation programs and credentials to help them advance in their chosen field. In addition, it increases members’ trust in your organization and assists you in developing a product that benefits both members and non-members in the same industry.

  • Sponsorships

    Sponsorship is a great way to boost non-dues revenue for associations. You can use your audience to your advantage if you have one. For example, the sponsorship model works well for live events and online learning. Consider recruiting partners willing to provide sponsorship or scholarships for a webinar series and invite their specialists to speak during the webinar to enhance credibility. Another option to monetize your audience without asking for money is to use your social media space for sponsored posts and “takeovers.”

  • Programs for Certification and Accreditation

    The work market is challenging, and now that people aren’t commuting, they have more free time. So, to attract professionals by offering accreditation and certification programs to help them advance in their careers.

    Consider your devoted members. What are their special industry-specific continuing education requirements? By providing what your members require and essentially becoming a career center, you help your members and build an enticing product that meets their needs while also attracting non-members in the same sector.

  • Membership for life

    Online education is a great way to generate non-dues money while simultaneously improving your membership and dues collection. In addition, younger association members want and expect educational benefits as part of their membership benefits, and your recruitment and retention methods should reflect this.

    Did you know that only 47% of members believed their association provided “good or excellent” online training, according to a recent survey? Yet, demand exists, as does the potential for expansion. So, delight your members by giving them what they want and need, and you’ll enhance your chances of gaining new ones.

  • Concentrate on building a learning experience

    Professional learners can almost always pull together free resources from the Internet to build their own personalized learning experience. However, while the price is reasonable, the overall learning experience may be uneven, and engagement, spaced recall activities, and collaboration with other students are likely lacking.

    Not only will providing a comprehensive, engaging, and meaningful learning experience differentiate your learning and brand, but it will also deliver considerable value to both members and non-members.

Bonus tips to enhance non-dues revenue for association

  • Work on your eLearning strategies regularly

    Your work is not yet over, even when you launched an online learning association platform. Organizations must constantly assess and evolve their learning products to create a premium learning product that is distinguished from the competition and thus differentiated from the competition. To do so, actionable evaluation criteria must be developed, as must regular and consistent reviews and surveys and an established method for implementing changes.

  • Be honest about the competition

    The rise of significant competition in the association education sector has fueled the Internet. In addition, the plethora of DIY education options available online, not to mention competing firms in your area wanting to develop by providing new learning items, further complicates matters.

    Associations must now, more than ever, take a hard look at the learning competition, comparing their members’ learning needs to what is currently available and figuring out how to meet those needs themselves.

  • Quality learning triumphs

    We live in a time when everyone has access to production tools via the internet. Quality has become a significant component in differentiating your offering despite the abundance of available learning resources. Your online learning should be well-planned and include the following features:

    • Rather than just delivering information, a whole learning experience is provided.
    • Skills or information that can be put to use
    • For video and voiceovers, high-quality audio is required.
    • Connections with your membership network to boost your organization’s learning value

Bottom Line

Strategies to increase non-dues revenue for associations will evolve, but online learning provides flexibility that allows you to continue addressing membership learning needs while also generating and increasing non-dues revenue for association, no matter what the future brings. The trick is to accept and work with change by utilizing online learning.

Contact us today for a free demo and additional information about how associations may effectively transfer learning online if you want to embrace change and explore your alternatives for boosting non-dues revenue for associations with online learning.

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