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The best option for virtual training is to get an LMS for online courses

The best way to increase your skills as a student or employee is by learning new approaches or skills through an LMS for online courses. This platform is specially designed to increase the learning experience that is carried out in a virtual way within the LMS platform.

An LMS for online courses has all the necessary characteristics to not only replace the traditional classroom but also enhance the user’s experience through tools such as gamification, high interactivity with content or even the use of artificial intelligence.

A learning management system, commonly known as LMS, is software or a platform to deliver and manage online or e-learning courses. An LMS platform to create and sell online courses is used by educational institutions and the corporate sector to fulfill their learning and development requirements. The learning management system of a company is responsible for a number of activities related to e-learning, including the creation and delivery of courses, tracking of progress, reporting and analysis, employee engagement, and lots more.

Why you should use an LMS for online courses?

An LMS for online courses,  when used to its maximum potential, becomes a huge part of an organization. It won’t just simplify the process of creating effective online learning courses, but also ensures that those courses are easy to read and access for all users, no matter where they may be.

A solid program of e-learning content ensures a seamless transfer of courses from the LMS to the trainee. All the information is accessible from one location and with just one login thanks to the Single Sign-On feature, making it easier for the user to find and access the content material. An LMS for online courses will make it profoundly easy for the organization to obtain feedback from the users, be it teachers or students, which will give them a holistic outlook on what they are doing right and where they need to improve.

A learning management system will also significantly reduce learning and development’s costs, since all the training can be carried out online and can be easily accessed by the learners with their own criteria, without the need for an instructor or a designated classroom space for the training program. Offering multiple features, an LMS makes the overall learning process much more streamlined and promises maximum engagement and value from the provided courses.

What should companies or institutions look for when choosing an LMS for online courses?

1. Make sure the LMS platform supports mobile use

Every person is different in the way they use mobile devices. Some like to consume smaller bite-sized chunks of information, while others prefer going the entire length to absorb information. You should get a hang of what type of mobile devices your target group learners are using and how often to fit the LMS platform. This makes it easier for you to find an LMS that supports mobile learning experience of every member of your audience.

Paradiso LMS caters to virtually all types of mobile devices and all browsers. Not just mobile learning, our LMS combines the power of mobile learning and with social learning, contributing to building a much more detailed picture of how students learn, where they learn, and what tools they use to do it.

2. Check the security protocols of the LMS platform

Before you settle down and choose the right platform, you have to ensure that it provides enterprise-grade data security measures. This is because your online learners need to be sure their personal data would remain safe with the organization before they can fully engage themselves in the online learning process.

Data security is the main aspect in Paradiso LMS, the learner’s information and his safety inside the platform is one of the elements that must be seriously taken. The servers for our LMS uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) as an application-level protocol that ensures the highest level of data security.  With a protocol of ‘security’ at multiple levels, access to the course is made through secured connections, while ensuring that only the learner has access to his/her work. Security. In terms of data recovery, in case a natural disaster or a sudden, unanticipated interruption happens, is also included.

3.  A good LMS for online courses must have an offline mode

It must be taken into consideration that some learners don’t have continuous access to the internet. For them, the option of offline learning serves as a boon. It allows the learners to download the online course materials and then view them at a later time, even if they don’t have internet access.

With Paradiso LMS in the picture, when the learners have internet access, their mobile device information will sync with the LMS and update their learning progress and completion records.

4. Free Trial option

Before making a hasty decision you must test the LMS for online courses functionalities. The best hook for developers of software is to offer potential customers the option of a free trial.

The LMS platform by Paradiso Solutions has freemium, the free version of our Learning Management System. With this SaaS platform, you will be able to test all the functionalities of the LMS, even with the option of branding and up to 50 users per instance.

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