LMS Reporting and LMS Tracking Techniques for Optimal Learning LMS Reporting and LMS Tracking Techniques for Optimal Learning

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Explore LMS Reporting and LMS Tracking Techniques for Optimal Learning

LMS tracking assists in both evaluating student and instructor productivity. It also helps with online self-paced training and online training delivery. In addition, you can use an LMS to access all training-related data and monitor crucial training metrics, some of which may be challenging to gather in a traditional classroom training setting.

LMS reporting is a data collection and analytical technique that you may use to monitor training operations and offer important information for optimization.

Some informative data provided by LMS for employee training

Course progress and completion tracking

LMS tracking helps you to know how quickly employees advance through the course. You may spot sluggish learners with the help of progress tracking and offer them further instruction and direction.

Training output evaluation

The insights will be helpful if the learners have received and retained the content based on their test performance. In addition, the organizational or functional unit inputs regarding the learner’s work performance can also be recorded in the LMS and serve as the foundation for evaluating the LMS for employee training’s effectiveness.

Learner assessment

Test results and ratings of industry certifications are used to assess learner performance. The statistic is crucial for determining employee skill levels and providing vital input for yearly performance reviews, which serve as the foundation for wage increases.

Content evaluation

The duration of time that learners take on different modules and sections of the course impacts the quality of the information. The trending data will offer insightful information about the course’s shortcomings and areas for improvement.

HR and Management reporting

Your HR team must be able to determine whether any employees are lagging behind on required training or whether all employees have finished their compliance training. They also need to be aware of any skill gaps in the employment pool so they can choose the right hires.

LMS tracking helps you to track of how quickly employees is going through the training.

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The 7 Most Important LMS Reports

Progression in training and tracks completion of course

  • LMS tracking helps you to track of how quickly employees is going through the training.
  • You may spot sluggish learners with both the aid of monitoring the process and providing them with further LMS employee for training and instruction.
  • Monitoring student progress and course completion are crucial, particularly in training that is mandated from a legal or compliance standpoint.

Report on Instructor-Led Sessions

  • Instructor-led sessions include a lot of useful information, whether they are online (like a webinar) or online (like a presentation in a classroom).
  • An ILT report will show you how many people enrolled, showed up for a session, and how many of them successfully completed the course (if a test is required).
  • Additionally, information regarding the actual ILT session, such as its duration and average, will be provided.
  • It is used by HR, L&D managers, teachers.
  • Instructor-led training (ILT) costs can be easily maintained without engaging in either content or technologies because they are mostly based on the trainers and facilities used.
  • It is possible to introduce the instructor and other learners. Some people learn more effectively when given a separate space and time limit.

Time and Activity Logs

  • You can see how long it takes each trainee to finish each course, module, test, or quiz in a time logs report and LMS report.
  • The data logs tool may be used to fine-tune your contents or services approach.
  • We can see this by LMS reporting examples, if many students are taking significantly longer than usual to finish a course or a module, it may indicate that something about the course’s content or manner of distribution isn’t engaging them.

Course and Module Details

  • You can go deeper with this LMS reporting feature and obtain comprehensive, in-depth information for each course and its modules, including the number of modules finished, the amount of time spent on each session, attendance and completion dates, and test results.
  • These perform-based points can assist your team in developing and improving LMS for employee training objectives. Your understanding of the strengths and limitations of your trainees will enhance as a result of having this insight about each training and course, and you will be better able to fill in the skills gaps.

Detailed Feedback Reviews

  • Feedback is necessary for trainers and learning & development managers to use this LMS report trainers and learning & development managers using this LMS report, feedback is necessary.
  • Without learner feedback, learning may suffer since people are less likely to participate in and benefit from their learning if they don’t enjoy it.
  • Because many LMSs allow you to create surveys and tests throughout, you can obtain feedback and evaluate findings in one place.


  • Knowing who your best students are and whether you’re learning has gamification features like scoreboards is really helpful.
  • You may offer top trainees some kind of prize if you issue a tracking report. In addition, those who actively learn new things on a constant basis might get presents for the holidays or savings online. Or, the team can receive a bonus in a less formal manner.
  • L&D managers, team leaders, and HR use this LMS report.

Learner Assessments

  • LMS reporting goes beyond just reviewing what was covered in a program to demonstrate what particularly the learners learn and how a specific training or course improved their knowledge of a particular topic. It is used by everyone even the learners can use it.
  • You can utilize this LMS report to actually understand how significant a change your training has made and communicate this to senior management by simply putting up a preliminary test to set a standard.
  • The online evaluation results report is the finest way to see whether content proficiency is at the recommended level.


You may boost employee performance so they meet training objectives by identifying common hurdles and employing competency measurements. Investing in an LMS for employee training with a customized report generator to monitor the results of your training and meet your goals. Last but not least, make it simpler for your L&D employees by automating report distribution so they can identify arising issues.

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