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5 reasons Moodle shared hosting is just not the right choice

We’ve been going through this a lot lately. So I thought I would write out why Moodle shared hosting is not always the right choice. This is serious if you are looking to sell courses online or if you want custom work on your Moodle. By the way you should ask about the same items with any hosting provider. Here at Paradiso Solutions we give you full access and feel it is how it should be.

1.   You have no idea of how many people are using the server or what their concurrency at any time

Imagine that you have shared 8gb and there are 100 other companies like yours using it. How many of them have the same or more clients using the server at that same time?

2.  Once you buy a size you can’t change to a new one

In other words if you bought the wrong size or need a private server, you’re stuck and need to go somewhere else, but you don’t get your money back.

3.  You can’t add custom work

They don’t allow it because it could mess up everything that they have with the other system (really they just don’t allow supporting custom Moodle into their business plan).

4.  Even if they do allow custom work they have to do it or implement it.

What this means to you is that if you pay a low cost company to do some minor work it still costs to pay them to implement it after they decide if they will support it.

5.  Most importantly you can’t have integrations on it.

This is key for many people looking to use Moodle for selling courses online. Integrations like eCommerce are not allowed. Wait for it. Yes, you cannot integrate for eCommerce, or any other platform for that matter.


Here at Paradiso Solutions we offer Moodle & Totara hosting with freedom. It’s your server, put what you want on there. If you would like to have us test something before implementation then we are happy to help. Our servers are there for your usage, if you need a stronger hosting solution, we’re here for you.

We offer Totara and Moodle hosting packages for SMBs and large businesses.

1. Enterprise Dedicated Hosting

Server Farms for large scale businesses that have no option for downtime.

2. Dedicated Hosting

A single server for private usage.

3. Virtual Private Servers

A cloud hosted secure solution with scalable options

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