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Every soul that’d have crossed the e-learning terrain even once must have come across the doctrine of Moodle. Moodle is the most basic form of software, fundamentally a learning management system, that can be used by the educators to extend e-learning content to the learners. It is an open source platform that can be used without the need for licensing and the other stipulations.  

This extremely easy to use and highly customizable platform Moodle integrates with Salesforce. You must be already aware of Salesforce (… and who isn’t?). Nevertheless, to give you a heads up, Salesforce is a global cloud computing company, with its headquarters based in San Francisco, California. It majorly provides on-demand CRM solutions for the small, mid-market to enterprise level MNCs. Salesforce ticks basically on the sales and sales-support applications.

Now, where do we, as the leading Moodle service providers, come into the picture? WhenevSalesforce Moodle integrationer there is a pressing lack of delivery of training content to the customers, partners and employees via a single unified platform, there would be us! Topical with the Moodle Salesforce integration, that bestows automation of training and an eventual enhanced reporting of the training concoct. Besides, out of this Moodle Salesforce integration, you get a host of other features that prove to be of immense benefit to your organization. (Read more about the Moodle Salesforce Integration Benefits)  

Moodle Salesforce Core Features


Extension of Moodle to Employees, Customers & Partners in Salesforce

You already have Salesforce in your organization, and want to install Moodle as the next step to enhance the efficacy of your training initiatives, perhaps what you need is the Moodle Salesforce integration. With Moodleforce in place, the first perk you get is user data synchronization. This makes way for a smooth flow of data between Moodle Salesforce. To explain it a little more in detail, whenever we create a new account/contact in Salesforce, a new user automatically gets created in Moodle. It is this sync that ultimately weaves the magic and you get a single platform, from where the you are able to serve multiple learning audiences at any given time. 

Access to Embedded Training

When Moodle Salesforce comes together, the user gets the dexterity to operate both the software from a single platform. There remains absolutely no need to switch the accounts or jump credentials to login into two platforms, i.e. you get a Single Sign On (SSO) between the platforms. The reason for this is Moodle getting embedded into Salesforce, and ultimately you having the option to access Moodle from within Salesforce. This happens via a tab that gets generated in the Salesforce menu. This feature of embedded training saves on the timMobile learning in lmse that gets used up to manage and distribute the content between Salesforce and Moodle.

Mobile Learning made Possible

Delivering, tracking and launching the training content via the Salesforce instance becomes possible now on the mobile app. It’s the Salesforce App that you need to pitch into and lo! You have the entire training content at your behest. Moodle Salesforce comes as an ideal on-the-go solution for people who prefer taking trainings as they keep moving through the rote. 

Streamlining Just-in-time Training

With the Moodle Salesforce integration, you can set up dynamic triggers for training. These triggers get activated based on the actions users take or when they complete specific benchmarks within the Salesforce portal. This feature of the Moodle Salesforce integration helps in delivering the information exactly at the point needed. To state an example, if a particular user completes a typical level in a course, he gets access to the next level of training immediately. This type of mechanism is positioned on the ‘opportunity-trigger-action’ based method. In the sequel, learning becomes effective across the organization.

Harmonizing Sequenced Learning

Moodle Salesforce integration gives you the power to leverage the potential of Salesforce Chatter into the Moodle Salesforce blend. You get the power to explore real-time knowledge sharing between the trainer and the learner, as well as pitch in to the aspect of continuous coaching. This timeous assistance comes as a boon for the learners and eventually increases their engagement and motivation. Besides, the admin gets the scope to access course compilation info, certifications, badges, new course information, news and reminders from inside of Salesforce Chatter within the Moodle Salesforce integration.

Contact us nowExceeding the aspects mentioned above, there are many other marvelous features Moodle Salesforce integration packs in. Allow the Moodle Salesforce integration to reduce your sales training workload. If you need a custom solution, in the form of a best LMS, for your own organization that requires Salesforce Moodle integration, Contact us Today! 

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