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Sell Courses Online with A Seamless LMS E-Commerce Integration

Selling courses online is one of the most often requests we get from clients. Most of them are struggling with performance issues that decrease the efficiency of the sales teams. Others, from a different side, lack a good software system that supports those selling processes. And finally, there are the ones that come to us lacking both sales force team and eCommerce platform back up.

So, here we have a good news for all of them… they can sell their courses online easily with an LMS E-commerce Integration.

What is an LMS e-commerce integration?

An LMS eCommerce is the best integration if you’re planning to sell courses online. It definitely helps you saving both, time and cost of the implementation, by managing training processes and selling content from one convenient location.

LMS eCommerce basically integrates your learning management system with a suitable eCommerce platform enabling you to sell your courses online to your users, directly through the LMS.

Selling courses online

This will increase your revenue by selling courses online and auto-enroll students the moment the course is purchased. Paradiso LMS eCommerce integration supports most payment platforms such as Drupal, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, and allows you to have a Single Sign-On between platforms.

Why is LMS e-commerce necessary for selling courses online?

Anybody who spends time and energy in making eLearning courses should take a deep look at this. Your content and construction of contents could be excellent, but what’s the point if these courses are not served to the users through a proper medium?

Hence, by using an LMS eCommerce integration, you can simply align your Learning Management System and an eCommerce platform of your preference, making it easy for your users to find, purchase and access your courses directly from one system, without hopping from platform to platform. This also comes with varied benefits to make your experience more smooth.

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Selling courses online

Benefits of LMS ecommerce :

  • Increased revenue through selling courses online
  • Sell eLearning courses, webinars and events
  • Improve overall customer experience
  • Manage your LMS, CMS and eCommerce all from one place
  • Intuitive user-friendly design for both admin and users
  • Easy to Use

Paradiso Solutions opens up the possibility to sell your courses online. It also helps in increasing the revenue by selling and auto-enroll the students the moment the course is purchased.

Main Features of LMS E-Commerce


Single Sign-On & Single Sign Out:

  • Sign in to both eCommerce and LMS with just one set of credentials

User Creation:

  • Create a user in the LMS with the same information that was input on the eCommerce registration.


  • Automatically enroll a user in the course purchased, to be taken within the LMS.

Bundling (Packages):

  • Selling courses in packages can be a great incentive for sales. Bundling or packaging products can help you get your brand and products out there.

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